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Apologia LA 1

Introduction to the Animals of Day Six

What is an ungulate? Animals with hooves.
What is a predator? Animals that chase, capture, and eat other creatures.
What is prey? Animals that are chased, captured, and eaten by other animals.
What is a Zoologists? Someone who studies animal behavior, habitats, anatomy, and everything else they can about animals.
What is habituation? The process through which animals get used to people or other things that aren't naturally a part of their surroundings.
What is a safari? A journey across a stretch of land usually made to observ or hunt wild animals.
What is a Veterinarian? A doctor who works with injured and ill animals.
What is natural selection? The process by which creatures that are best adapted to their environment survive.
What is zoonotic disease? Illnesses transmitted between animals and people, like avian flu, mad cow disease, west Nile fever, and Lyme disease.
Are most wild animals ment to be pets? no