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Effects skin and causes degreation of connective tissue of organs Lupus Erythrmatosus
repetitive motion disease Osteoarthitis
risk factors include advanced age, small frame female, early menopause Osteoporsis
50% of these patients never return to previous life style hip fractures
CPM machine is used in this disease knee replacement
immobilize the limb in this condition to prevent a pulmonary emboli Deep vein thrombus
type of fracture with complication of avascular necrosis femoral neck
needs to be taken on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning Bisphosphonates
ESR will be + in 80% of cases Rhematoid Arthritis
Causes patient to have bluish cold feet Raynauds phenomenon
decrease production of tears and slivia Sjorgens syndrom
inhibits & neutralizes the inflammmatory cascade slowing tissue damage & increases risk for infection TNF's Embril ,Remicade, Humira, Orencia,Simponi
excessive production of collagen in tissue begins with skin Scleroderma
Death usually from espphagus hardening Scleroderma
unilateral manifestations osteoarthritis
provides access for delivery of nutrition and medications PICC Lines or Central lines
major reason for using gastrostomy tubes CVA with loss of gag reflex
works by inhibiting migration of leukocytes to inflamed site Colchine
foods to avoid in gout heart,kidneys, liver, sardines, spinach
contrindications for minimally invasive surgery infection, unstable medical conditions, morbid obseity
advantages to minimally invasive surgery smaller incision, shorter recovery, decrease blood loss
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