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Geog. & History A

WCHS Geog. & History A -Middle East Words

Mecca Holiest city of Islam
Islam A monotheistic religion based on the teachings of its founder, the Prophet Muhammad.
Muhammad Founder of Islam. Lived part of his life in Mecca. Taught religious duties of which the Five Pillars are part of.
Mosque A place of worship of the Islam faith.
Theocratic Means the religious leaders controlled the government.
Western Wall Modern Jews come to pray at the holiest site in Jerusalem. Only portion of the Second Temple that remains, also called the Wailing Wall
Dome of the Rock A shrine that houses the spot where Muslims believe the Prophet Muhammad rose into heaven. Third most holiest site for Muslims. Is also the same site where Jews believe Abraham was to sacrifice his son Isaac.
Zionism A movement in the 19th century to create and support a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Formed in the 1960’s to regain the land for Palestinian Arabs. They have used political and military means to take possession of Arab land in Israel and allow refugees to return.
Sunni One of two main branches of Islam, comprising about 83% of all Muslims, including those in Turkey, Iraq, and Afgahanistan.
Shi’ite One of the town main branches of Islam including most Iranians and some populations of Riraq and Afghanistan.
Taliban A fundamentalist Muslim political group. They impose strict rules on people’s behavior.
Guest workers Are largely unskilled laborers, often and immigrant from South and East Asia. Brought by the oil-booming countries to fill job openings that the region’s native peoples find culturally or economically unacceptable.
Stateless Nation A nation of people without a land to legally occupy.
Palestinians They are Arabs and their descendants who lived or still live in the area formally called Palestine, now Israel.
West Bank A strip of land on the west side of the Jordan river. Originally controlled by Jordan, which is part of the land set aside for Arab Palestininans.
Gaza Strip Is a territory along the Mediterranean Sea just northeast ot the Sinai Peninsula.
Strategic Commodity A resource so important that nations will go to war to ensure its steady supply.
Human Resources The skills and talents of employed people.
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