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Grade 6 SS - Sem. 1

Semester 1 Vocabulary

Indigenous living or existing naturally in a particular place
Industry the manufacturing and making of products to sell
Tourism the industry that provides services to people who are traveling for enjoyment
Metropolitan Areas having to do with a large city; an area that includes a city and its surrounding suburbs
Reservations an area of land that has been set aside for Native Americans
Aboriginal a native people
Transcontinental describing something that crosses a continent
Bilingual able to use 2 languages
Extinct describing a particular kind of plant or animal that has disappeared completely from Earth; OR describing a volcano that is no longer able to erupt
Geography the study of Earth and its people, places, and environments
Climate the average weather in an area over a long period of time
Resource a material that can be used to produce crops or other products
Hemisphere each half of Earth
Scale the relationship between distances on the map and on Earth
Revolution a complete trip of Earth around the Sun OR a period of violent and sweeping change
Continent a large, unbroken mass of land
Tectonic Plates one of the 16 pieces of Earth's crust
Weathering the process by which Earth's surface is worn away by natural forces
Erosion the process by which weathered bits of rock are moved elsewhere by water, wind or ice
Desalinization a process that makes salt water safe to drink
Death Rate the number of deaths compared to the total number of people in a population at a given time
Birthrate the number of babies born to the total number of people in a population at a given time
Population Distribution the geographic pattern of where people live
Emigrate to leave one's home to live in another place
Immigrate to enter and live in a new country
Refugee a person who flees a country because of violence, war, persecution, or disaster
Urbanization when a city grows larger and spreads into nearby areas
Globalization the process by which nations, cultures, and economies become mixed
Culture the set of beliefs, behaviors, and traits shared by a group of people
Renewable Resource a resource that can be totally replaced or is always available naturally
Nonrenewable Resource the resources that cannot be totally replaced
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) the total dollar value of all final goods and services produced in a country during a single year
Standard of Living the level at which a person, group, or nation lives as measured by the extent to which it meets its needs
Export to send a product produced in one country to another country
Import when a country brings in a product from another country
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