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AP Gov Chapter 2

Review for Chapter 2 by Honeybee1617

What was John Locke's philosophy and what was the foundation that it was built on? Government should be based on the consent of the goverend and be limited with many restrictions so that the people have power not just the government. His theory was based the the idea of "Natural Rights."
What was the New Jersey Plan ? (Proposed at the Constitutional Convention) wanted equal representation in Congress despite a state's population.
What are the Maddisonion Principles and what are they based on? Wanted to prevent action being taken to make policies that only benifit the majority. Maddison feaared Tyranny so he wanted check& balances, Seperation of Powers, and as much distance from the gov and the majority as possible.
Give two key elements of Maddisonion Principles. * System of Checks and Balances * Seperation of Powers
How are the Constitution Ammendments ratified and how many votes are needed to make the ratification? Done in 2 ways: 1. Congress can propose an ammendment by 2/3 vote in each house. Then the State Legis can ratify ammendment by 3/4 of the states. 2. Or the National Convention can propose ammendment requested by 2/3 states. Then state con votes 2/3 states
What was the purpose behind the Marbury vs Maddison court case? Took place in 1803 between a Chief Justice and John Marshall. Asserted the right of the Supreme Court to determine the meaning of the constitution. It established the court's power.
What are Linkage Institutions? Channels or access points which allow people to get peoples policy prefrences on the government's policy agenda. Mass Media, Intrests groups, and political parties are the main linkage institutions.
What is the Pluralist Theory? The theory of government and politics which emphasizes that politics is competition between groups who are fighting for different things.
What is the Hyperpluralist Theory? A theory that contends that groups are so strong that the government is weakened. It is the extreme of pluralisim.
What is the Elite and class Theory? A theory that contends that socities are divided by class and that upper-class will rule regardless of the fomal niceties of governmental organization.
What is the Virgina Plan? (Proposed at the Constitutional Convention)called for representation of each state in Congress that is porportionate to the state's population.
Created by: honeybee1617