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September 5


Qualifications to be REPRESENTATIVE be at least 25, have been a US citizen for 7 years, be a resident of the state which they are elected
How often is Congress required to meet? at least once a year
When can Congress call out a state's militia? to execute laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel invasions
How long is a member of the HOR elected for? 2 years
When is the only time the Vice-President can vote in the Senate? When there is a tie
Who actually elects a representative to Congress? members chosen every second year by the people of several states
How is the # of Reps. for each state determinded? population
What is the minimum # of Reps. any state can have? 1
How many terms may an individual serve in the HOR? unlimited
What types of Commerce can be controlled by Congress? with foreign nations, among several states, with Indian tribes
Where in Congress do all money bills start? House of Representatives
How long is a Senator's term? 6 years
What are the qualifications to be a senator? at least 30 years old, citizen of US for 9 years, resident of state where they are elected
Who is the judge during an impeahment trial that involves the President? vice-president
How are senators elected? elected directly by the voters of the state during regular election
What does Congress have to do to override a Presidental veto? 2/3 majority must vote in order to make it a law
What limitations are placed on Congress' ability to coin money? none
Every two years what percentage of the HOUSE is up for reelection? 100%
What restriction does the Constitution place on it's tax law? All duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform
When a president vetoes a bill what happens to it? sent back to chamber, 2/3 must approve in order for it to become a law
How does the US declare war on another country? only congress can declare war, president can make war without congress' formal declaration
How many senators have to vote in the affirmative before an individual is guilty and impeached? 2/3
Every 2 years what % of the Senate is up for reelection? 1/3 (about 33%)
What restrictions exist for congressmen when debating on the house floor? time- 1 hour for house, 5 min during amendment process
Where does the impreachment process start? house
When someone is elected to Congress what other gov. job can he hold? none
When can the right of Habeas Corpus be suspended? unless when in cases of Rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it
When can money be taken out of the US treasury? only when Congress authorizes
What geographic area within the US does Congress directly control? District of Columbia
What tax can Congress pass on goods that are made in the US then sold in Europe? Duties
How is a member expelled from Congress? 2/3 vote permits the house to expel a member
Under what conditions can a state keep troops within its borders? when they are invaded, limited to internal disorders in the state
When can members of Congress give themselves a raise in pay? anytime
What re the qualifications for president of the US? natural born citizen, at leasr 35 years old, been a US resident for 14 years
How long is the presiden't term? 4 years
How many terms can the president serve? 2
Who cannot be an elector in the electorial college? no senator, or representative, or person holding an office of trust or profit under the US
What percentage of votes does a candidate need to be elected president? 50% plus 1 vote
How is the Vice President elected? chosen for the same terms as the President
If the correct percentage of votes is not received by a presidential candidate, how is this impasse resolved? House of Reps should choose by ballot
The President can negotiate a treaty, but who must approve it? senate
What military organizations does the president command? Army, Navy, and militia of several states
What is the only circumstance that a president can not grant a pardon? in a federal case
List the offices that the president can appoint someone to: ambassadors, supreme court justices, and other government officials
When can a president be impeached? may have commited treason
What type of trial is everyone guranteed if they are accused of a federal crime? trial by jury in a federal court
What is the limit placed on the punishment of someone convicted of treason? prohibits punishment of traitor's heirs
Define treason giving aid to nation's enemies, or making war against the US
Which court or courts are specifically mentioned in the consitution? the supreme court
What political body has the right to create and destroy courts that are not listed in the constitution? congress
The supreme court has what 2 types of juristiction? original and appellate
Where must all original trials take place? in lower courts
What are the qualifications for being a federal judge? none
What restricitons can the states place on a citizen's federal rights? none
If a criminal flees one state and is caught in another, what is the procedure to return her to the original state? extradition
What procedure would Key West follow if it wanted to become the 51st state? admission of states
What federal agency controls all territories owned by the US? Congress
What form of government must all states have? republican
Who will pay any and all debts of the US incurred prior to the ratification of the constitution? the new federal government
What are the 3 parts to the Supreme Law of the land? legislative, judicial, and executive
What test do public officials in the US not have to take? religious
How many states had to ratify the consitution? 9
Can congress pass laws in areas not specifically stated in the constitution? If so, are there any restrictions? Yes, they must be "necessary and proper"- elestic clause
Under what conditions can the president convene congress? if two houses don't agree for that purpose
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