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science vocab words chapter 3

a complete living thing organism
the tiny, living, structural, and functional unit of all living things; the smallest unit that can be alive. cell
all the material, except the nucleus, inside a cell. cytoplasm
a living thing composed entirely of one cell. unicellular organism
a living thing that is composed of more than one cell and whose individual cells are not normally able to live singly apart from the organism multicellular organism
a group of similar cells that together perform a specific function. tissue
a living thing that is composed of a group of similar cells living together; each cell is capable of living individually. colonial organism
the ability to do work. energy
a characteristic produced when organized systems of non-living substances use energy and maintain the characteristics of living things. physical life
man's relationship with God. spiritual life
the theroy that all living things are made up of microscopicunits called cells and that cells carry on the functions of living things. cell theroy
the smallest unit existing as a particular substance. molecule
a substance that contains only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, e.g., sugar or starch. carbohydrate
a substance made of long chains of amino acids; may serve as an enyzme or as a cellular building block; found in certain foods. protein
a molecule that contains the genectic information of a cell; DNA and RNA are the main types. nucleic acid
a substance such as fat or oil; not soluble in water; an important component of membranes. lipid
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