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Well Baby Review

exam review

After baby has been immunized, what are the reasons parents should call the doctor? -High pitched persistent crying for more than 3 hours - Excessive sleepiness -Unusual limpness or paleness -rectal temp of 104 degrees Fahrenheit or higher -convulsion
List the areas that a physician will assess when an infant has their first complete medical examination. -Heart -Hips -Hands & Arms, Feet & Legs -Back & Spine -Eyes -Ears -Nose -Mouth & Throat -Neck -Underarms -The Fontanels -Respirations & Respiratory Function
List the reasons parents would choose not to circumcise. -Lack of medical necessity -Fear of bleeding & infection -Concerns about pain -Wish for child to be like uncircumcised father -Belief in childrens rights -To allow optimal sexual enjoyment -Less risk of diaper irritation -Not covered by OHIP
Name the six reflexes. -Startle/moro reflex -Babinski reflex -Rooting reflex -Walking/stepping reflex -Palmar Grasping reflex -Tonic neck reflex
List the reasons parents would choose to bottlefeed. -Longer satisfaction for baby -Easy monitoring of intake & more freedom -Less stressful feeding in public -More participation for father & siblings -No interference with fashion -Less restriction on types of meds & OCPs -No dietary demands & restric
List the reasons parents would choose to breastfeed. -Milk is individualized & Digested better -Less sodium & protein,Less risk of allergies -Better absorption of Calcium -No problems with diarrhea -Less risk of diaper rash & lower cost -better health for baby & less obesity -More sucking satisfaction
List the reasons parents would choose to circumcise. -Religous observance -Cleanliness -The locker room syndrome -Appearance -Health
What is an inguinal hernia? A part of the intestines slips through one of the inguinal canals & bulges into the groin.
What are the signs and symptoms of teething? -Drooling -Chin/face rash -A little cough -Biting -Pain -Irritablitiy -Refusal to feed -Diarrhea -Low-grade fever -Wakefulness -Gum Hematoma -Ear pulling/check rubbing
What are the five "somethings" for treating teething symptoms? -Something to chew on -Something to rub against -Something cold to eat -Something cold to drink -Something to relieve pain
What are the four types of behaviours assessed in the Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale and what are they assessing? -Interactive (relate to people, alertness, cuddliness) -Motor (reflexes, muscle tone, hand-mouth activity) -Control of physiological state (self-control after being upset) -Reaction to stress ( startle reflex)
What can an MOA do when booking appointmemnts for a child with ADHD? -Recognize anger & frustration -Schedule appts at the end of the day -Ensure enough time is booked
What does the acronym APGAR stand for? -Acitivity -Pulse -Grimace -Appearance -Respiration
What is sudden infant death syndrome? When a baby dies unexpectedl, usually while sleeping also called crib death.
What is the first test most babies are given? APGAR test.
What is thrush? -Elevated white patches in the babies mouth -Fungal infection picked up from the vaginal tract of the mother.
Created by: stacison