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Mrs. Schearer's handy dandy latin grammar

NOM Subject Subject of the sentence. -Marcus sententiam scribit.
NOM Predicate Nominitive Where the noun of the predicate is the same person/thing as the subject. Used with esse, appellatur, dicitur, habetur, nominatur, etc.,creatus est, fit, videtur, and others -Marcus puer improbus est. -Mare tranquillum fit. -Iupiter maximus deus habetur.
ACC Direct Object Receiver of the action of the verb. -Marcus Iuliam pulsat.
ACC Double Accusative Verbs of making, choosing, calling, teaching and asking. -Diodorus pueros litteres docet. -Icarus deos auxilium interrogat. -Americani hoc mare "Mediterraneum" appellant.
ACC Length of Time and Space How long, wide, and high something is.
ACC Place to Which ad or in = into -Iulius ad villam it. -Marcus in atrium intrat. Nota bene: Omit the preposition with names of towns, small island, domus, humus and rus.
ACC Exclamation Almost like swearing, definitly NOT like the Vocative. -Diodorus: "O pueros improbos!" -Mercator: "Heu me miserum!"
ACC Subject of an Infinitive in an indirect statement: Medicus puerum dormire dicit. putat, audit, videt, gaudet, etc.
ACC Subject of Impersonal verbs pudet, paenitet and piget -Nonne te pudet? ("doesn't IT shame you?") -Me paenitet ("It repents me = I'm sorry") -Eum piget ("It grieves him = He is sorry")
ACC object of Prepositions inter, prope, ante, post, apud, per, supra, infra, ob, contra, circum, praeter, propter, adversus, extra, intra, iuxta, super.
Created by: jujubeeboo