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ch 46 grooming

Chapter 46 Grooming procedures

anal glands scent glands located on either side of the rectum
bathing process of cleaning the skin and hair coat of the animal or to apply medicated shampoos or dips to the skin and hair coat
brushing the act of cleaning the hair cost using a soft brush
clipper guard tool that fits over the end of the clippers to prevent clipping too short
clipping the process of removing small amounts of hair from one or several areas
combing the act of cleaning the hair with a thin comb that helps remove tangles and mats
dipping process of applying chemical pesticide or medication to the skin and hair coat
grooming the care of an animal's external body including hair coat, ears, nail, and anal glands
keratin a protein that allows the nail to grow and strengthen
mat areas of hair that are interwoven together and form a large clump
mat splitter tool used to break down and separate mats into smaller ones
nail bed area where the nail growth occurs and is located at the end of the digit near the hair growth of the foot
pinna external ear flap
quick the blood supply to the nail
shaving the process of taking down an anmount of hair close to the skin
silver nitrate stick slim, long, wooden applicators with silver nitrate located on the end that is used to clot a bleeding nail by burning the quick
styptic powder yellow loose powder that packs into the nail bed and clots the nail
trimming the process of removing a specific amount of hair from one or more locations
tympanic membrane veterinary term for the ear drum located in the inner ear
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