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ch47 vet assisting

Chapter 47 Vet Assisting Procedures Vocab

agonal gasps of breaths while the respiratory system shits down
aspiration process of a syringe when the plunger is drawn back slightly to make certain no blood vessel has been accidentally penetrated prior to administering an injection
buccal surface of the teeth located on the outer area near the cheek
cyanotic bluish gray color of the mucous membranes due to lack of oxygen
dental prophylaxis professional cleaning by scaling and polishing the teeth under general anesthesia
dentrificies veterinary term for toothpaste used on animals
epaxial located above the axis of a body part, such as above the spine
euthanasia the process of putting an animal to sleep using humane methods
fingerbrush a small toothbrush that fits on the end of the finger and is plastic, thimble like device that has small, soft bristles that are rubbed over the teeth
flow rate amount of fluids to be delivered over the course of the day
gauge the size of a needle measured by the diameter of the needle
hamstring muscle located on the hind limb at the mid to distal part of the thigh
heparinized saline drug that prevents blood from clottin and is mixed with saline to flush into the catheter site to prevent a blood clot from occluding the catheter
infusion pump equipment is used to provide a constant flow of fluid at a specific rate throughout the day
injection port area on an IV bag used to remove and insert substances using a needle and syringe
intramuscular (IM) injection given into the muscle
intranasal (IN) medication administered into the nasal passage
IV catheter a small plastic piece of equipment that is placed within a vein to administer fluids and medications directly into a patient's bloodstream
labial surface of the teeth located on the front area that is covered by the lips
lactated ringers solution most common fluid used to hydrate an animal
macrodrip line a regular IV drip that delivers 15 drops of fluid per milliliter of 15 drops/ml
microdrip line a small line that delivers 60 dr/ml
occlusal the top surface of the teeth
patency refers to the proper flow and purpose of the item and that it remains intact and usable
phlebitis area around the IV catehter site causing swelling, redness, pin, and inflammation
pitting edema swelling around the catheter site causing the fluid to be outside the vein
quadriceps muscle located on the hind limb at the cranial part of the thigh
spike port the site on the IV bag where the drip set tubing is placed
subcutaneous (SQ) injection given under the skin
subcutaneous fluids fluids placed under the skin and slowly absorbed by the body
viscous thick liquid substance
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