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8Sci_Water Cycle_May

The Water Cycle_Mr.Mayfield_Test 1

96.5% of planet Earth's water is what? salt water
What type of system is the water cycle? closed
What powers the water cycle? the sun's energy
What is a watershed? land that is drained by a water system
What is greenhouse effect? the ability of the atmosphere to keep the planet warm
What kind of rock must be on the surface for percolation to occur? permeable
What is an aquifer? it allows the flow and storage of ground water
The water table is found at what boundaries? the zones of aeration and saturation
What is the upper boundary of the zone of saturation called? the water table
What is a divide? area of higher ground between watersheds
What is the water cycle? process by which water moves through the atmosphere and back to Earth's surface
What is a tributary? a stream that flows into a river
What is evaporation? change of water from oceans and Earth's surface into water vapor
What is another name for rain, snow and sleet? precipitation
What is porosity? the measure of open space between rocks
What is condensation? a change of cooled water vapor into water droplets that form clouds
What is permeability? the measure of whether water can flow through rock
What does scarcity mean in connection with water? That water shortages are occuring
What does vulnerable mean in connection with water? That conditions exist
What does stressed mean in connection with water? Conditions are starting to worsen
What does per capita mean? per person
How does per capita relate to water availability? it is used to decide how much water can be used per person
What is a biome? an environment with similar climates
Why should well diggers know where the water table is? so when the water table drops the well still contains water
What are 2 examples of a biome? a tundra and a grassland
What is desalination? the process of removing salt from ocean water
Why is desalination inefficient? The cost is extremely high
What is the downward movement of water through spaces in soil? percolation
What continent has the best water availability? North America
What are the 5 main parts of the water cycle? condensation, evaporation, precipitation, percolation and run-off
What physical factors affect water availability? location, geography, weather & climate
What economic factors affect water availability? population, density and money
Created by: ndmsteach