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Nouns Unit 1 Latin 1

nouns first unit

puella, -ae girl
villa, -ae villa
amica, -ae friend
pictura, -ae picture
Italia, -ae Italy
piscina, -ae fishpond
tunica, -ae tunic
stola, -ae dress
toga, -ae toga
rosa, -ae rose
femina, -ae woman
schola, -ae school
medicina, -ae medicine
culina, -ae kitchen
pila, -ae ball
pecunia, -ae money
gallina, -ae chicken
vacca, -ae cow
aqua, -ae water
discipula, -ae girl student
stella, -ae star
casa, -ae house
servus, -i male slave
hortus, -i garden
medicus, -i doctor
discipulus, -i male student
asinus, -i donkey
porcus, -i pig
stomachus, -i stomach
cibus, -i food
lectus, -i bed
fundus, -i farm
equus, -i horse
amicus, -i male friend
athleta, -ae athlete
agricola, -ae farmer
nauta, -ae sailor
prium, -i pear
malum, -i apple
lilium, -i lily
templum, -i temple
stadium, -i arena
monstrum, -i monster
sandalium, -i sandal
stabulum, -i stable
vinum, -i wine
tectum, -i roof
cubiculum, -i bedroom
ovum, -i egg
caelum, -i sky
cerasum, -i cherry
oppidum, , -i town
balneum, -i bath
Created by: judithcampbell