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FNP Review 1

legal dimensions np role

What is a Nurse Practice Act? statutory law established by state's Board of Nursing; defines NP's title protection, scope of practice, restrictions of practice, education,certification, grounds for discipline, etc
What other components may be included in the Nurse Practice Act? need for collaborative agreement with MD, oversight board, prescriptive ability
What is a Nurse Practice Act? statutory law established by state's Board of Nursing; defines NP's title protection, scope of practice, restrictions of practice, education,certification, grounds for discipline, etc
What other components may be included in the Nurse Practice Act? need for collaborative agreement with MD, oversight board, prescriptive ability
What is the APRN Compact? interstate agreement for advanced nursing practice to reduce state-to-state discrepancies in nursing requirements to practice; developmed by NCSBN
What is the Uniform APRN Licensure/Authority to Practice Requirements? establishes the foundation of the APRN Compact; developed by NCSBN in 2000
State 5 terms that relate to NP's professional practice. licensure, certifcation, accreditation, scope of practice and standards of practice
Define licensure. prcoess by which state government agency grants permission to accountable individuals for the practice of a profession and prohibits all others from legally practicing
What is the purpose of licensure? to protect the public by ensuring a minimum level of professional competence; offers title protection for these roles
Define certification. process by which non-governmental agency confirms that an individual licensed to practice as a professinal has met certain predetermined standards specified by that profession
What is the purpose of certification? assure the public that an individual has matery of abody of knowledge and has acquired skills necessary to function in a particular speciality; some are required for entry into practice (need it for licensure) and other recognizes excellence
Define scope of practice. role delination established by state statues, board of nursing, educational preparation and common practice; may be general (found in published professional documents)or specific (prescriptive authority; varies from state to state)
What is the purpose of the scope of practice? qualify the core behaviors that all APN must have as well as core knowledge and behaviors required for those in speciality areas
What are standards of practice? authoritative statements by which the quality of practice, service of education can be judged; written in generic level or specific lanuage; minimal level of acceptable performance; (general guidelines or specific protocols;
What is the purpose of these standards? way of providing consumers with means to measure the quality of care they receive; legally describe the type of care that must be met by provider
What is Healthy People 2010 & WHO's Health for all? national and international policy statements that describe objectives to be met to help all persons obtain a level of health that will permit them to lead socially and econonomically productive lives; help form the standards of practice
What is Nurse Practitoner Primary Care Competencies in Specialty Areas: Adult, Family, Pediatric,etc document that outline what an NP in each of the specialty areas whould be able to do; developed by AACN and NONPF
confidentiality patient & family have right to assume that info given to the healthcare provider will not be disclosed; both written and verbal info
Administrative Simplification provisions of HIPAA require DHHS to establish national standards for electronic healthcare transcation and national identifiers for providers, health plans, and employers; address security and privacy of health data
T/F: Exceptions to guaranteed confidentiality occur when society determines that the need for info outweighs the prinicple of confidentiality. True
informed consent right of all competent adults & emancipated minor to accept or reject treatment by healthcare provider
duty of clinician regarding informed consent explain ino to pt so they can make appropriate decision like diagnosis, nature, purpose of treatment, risks & benefits, prognosis, possible harm
advance directives when a patient is incapable of making decisions, a person's preferences may be expressed by wya of written living will or healthcare durable power of attorney created when the patient was still competent
living wills writteen documents prepared in advance in case of terminal illness or nonreversible loss of consciousness
living wills go into effect when patient has become incompetent & is declared terminally ill & no further interventions will change the patient's course to a reasonable degree of medical certainty
durable power of attorney for health care individuals idenitify in writing an agent to act on their behalf, should they become mentally incapacitated
moral concepts that are foundation of ethical behavior autonomy, beneficience, nonmaleficence, advocacy, accountability, loyalty, caring, compassion, human dignity
quality assurance system designed to evaluate and monitor quality of patient care and facility management; done through audits, utilization review, peer review, outcome studies and measurements of patient satisfaction
malpractice negligent professional acts of individuals engaged in professions requring highly technical or professional skills
4 elements of malpractice that plantiff has the burden of proving duty, breach of duty, proximate cause, damage
T/F: Malpractice insurance does not protect a clinican from charges of practing outside their legal scope of practice. True
scources of legal risk patients, procedures, quality of medical records
National Practitioner Databank established by Health Care Quality Improvement Act in 1986; list practitioners who have had a malpractice claim asserted against them
T/F: NPs are reimbursed for their services as PCP under Medicare, Medicaid, Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, TRICARE, veterans and military programs, federally funded school based clinics True
T/F: Private insurance plans may elect to reimburse NP for services even if not mandated by state law. True
T/F. Many state NP organizations have recently focused legislative activity on enacting state laws allowing Nps to funciton as PCP in both HMOs and PPOs. True
health insurance-type of coverage Fee-for-Service (or Indemnity) Plans vs. Managed Care
Managed Care This term refers to types of health insurance plans that provide health care services at a lower cost. The key to these lower costs? Members of managed care plans must adhere to certain rules designed to lower the cost of medical care.
types of MCO HMO, PPO, POS
HMO-health maintenance organization you receive a range of health benefits for a set fee; you choose a PCP from the plan’s list who becomes your “gatekeeper” for all your medical needs
PPO-preferred provider organization you may seek treatment from an approved network of providers, or may see other providers outside the network. It’s less expensive to visit one of the providers in the plan’s list.
National Practitioner Data Bank & Health Integrity and Protection Data Bank maintained by USDHHS; help review practitioners' credentials
T/F. Growing concerns over reimbursement fraud and abuse issues, as well as coding issues related to overbilling & underbilling, prompted CMS National Provider Identifier initiatve in 2007. True
what factors influence current practice environment health disparities, health literacy, direct to consumer advertising, CAM, readiness for mass casualty/terrorism
American College of Nurse Practitioners focused on advocacy and keeping NPs current on legislative, regulatory and clinical practice issues
American Academy of Nurse Practitioner promote excellence in NP practice, education & reseqrch; shape future of health care
National Organization of Nurse Practitioners Faculties instrumental in setting up standards for nurse practitioner education
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