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Mental Health

Name the seven tricyclic & Cyclic drugs for antidepressant? Elavil Pamelor,Sinequan ,Torfranil,Remeron, Asendin, Anafranil
Name the 5 SSRI's? Prozac,Paxil,Zoloft,Celexa, Lexapro
Name the three MAOi's? Nardil,Parnate,Marplan
Name 2nd Gen antidepressants? Wellbutrin,Desyrel(trazodone)
Name 3rd Gen antidepressants? Serzone,Cymbalta,Effexor
How do Tricyclic Drugs work? Block reuptake of norepinephrine and to a lesser degree of serotonin into the presynaptic cell.
Side Effects of Tricyclic antidepressants? Due to block other receptors such as: Muscarinic receptors also-ANTICHOLINERGIC s/e:blurred vision,urine retention,constipation, A1:blocks the pressor response necessary to avoid Orthostatic Hypotentsion Ratio to toxic dose is very low: Death
How SSRI's work? BLock the reuptake of serotonin back into the presynaptic space, decrease destruction of transmitter and there is more serotonin at synapse for the postsynaptic cell.
Key Points about SSRI's -Do not block other receptors-less side effects -ONLY effective in mild or moderate depression -good choice for impulsive or suicidal bc no risk of lethal overdose -4-6 weeks before meds take effect,monitor suicide, maybe more energized but still have
Side effects of SSRI's Nausea- take with food weight gain- least amount compared to others
How MOAi's work? inhibits the ability of the enzyme to destroy the monoamines:norepinephrine,dopamine,serotonin. Eventually leads to presynaptic,synaptic,and postsynaptic concentrations of these neurotransmitters.
Key points of MAOi's -MAO is present in the liver cells as well as monoamine-releasing neurons. -Inactivation of hepatic MAO by MAO-inhibiting drugs can lead to potentially fatal interaction between these drugs and foods.
Very important about MAO! MAO inhibited in liver---build up of serum tyramine----triggers sudden release of norephineprine(potent vasoconstrictor)-----Hypertensive CRISIS:hypertension,tachycardia,doaphoresis,hyperpyrexia,cardiac arrythmias, tremulousness
Foods that contain Tyramine to avoid while on MAOI's aged cheese,aged meats:peperoni,summer sausage,all tap beers,overripe fruit,yogurt,peanuts,
Wellbutron can cause seizures 4x that of other antidepressants, contraindicated if seizure disorder as lowers seizure threshold
Created by: Jhoff0328