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Circulatory System/Cardiovascular System A&P

mainstains bloodflow during cardiac arrest CPR
upper chambers, receive blood RL atria
lower chambers, discharge blood RL ventricles
cardiac muscle myocardium
lines heart chambers endocardium
2 layered fibrous sac with lubricated space between layers pericardium
inner layer of pericardium visceral pericardium
outer layer of pericardium pareital pericardium
systole contraction of heart (first sound)
diastole relaxation of heart (2nd sound)
valves keep blood flowing and prevent back flow
AV valves (atrioventricular) tricuspid and bicuspid (mitral)
SL valves (semilunar) pulmonary and aortic
O2 poor blood is on ____ side right side
O2 rich blood is on _____ side left side
chest pain due to inadequate O2 to heart angina pectoris
AV bundle is also known as _____ Bundle of His
inpulses run in this order SA node/AV node/AV bundle/Purkinje fibers
types of blood vessels arteries, veins, capillaries
these distribute nutrients and carry blood away from the heart at a high pressure arteries
these move blood to the heart at a low pressure veins
these exchange vessels carry blood from arteriols to venules capillaries
systemic circulation carries blood throughout the body
pulmonary circulation carries blood to/from the lungs for gas exchange
hepatic portal circulation unique path of blood through the liver to be filtered and redistributed
factors that influence BP blood volume, contraction strength, blood viscosity, flow resistance
120/80 average BP
expansion and recoil of blood vessel wall pulse
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