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a-; an- Not; without; lacking; deficient
adip fat
agri field; soil
andro man; maculine
anter front
anti against; opposite
anthropo man; human
aqu water
ase forms; names of enzymes
audi hear
auto self
bene well; good
bi-(latin) Two; twice
bi:bio (Greek) life; living
brachi arm
calor heat
carcin cancer
cardi heart
carpal wrist
cata breakdown; downward
centi hundredth
cephal head
cervic neck
chem hand
chlor green
chondr cartilage
circa; circum around; about
contra against
corp body
counter against
crani skull
cuti cyan
cyt; cyte cell; hollow; container
deca ten
deci tenth
dent tooth
derm skin
di; dipl (Latin) two; double
di; dia (Greek) through; across; apart
dia (Latin) day
dors back
dys bad; abnormal; difficult
eco house
ecto outside of
en; endo; ent in; into; within
epi upon; above; over
ferro iron
fiss split; divided into
fract break
gastr stomach
geo land; earth
gluc; glyc sweet; sugar
glut buttock
gymno naked; bare
gyn female
hecto hundredth
hem blood
hemi half
hetero different; other
homo (Greek) same; alike
hydr water
hyper above; beyond; over
hypo below; under; less
infra below; beneath
inter between
intra within; inside
iso equal; same
kilo thousand
lact milk
lat side
logy study of...
lumin light
macr large
met; metry between; along; after
micro small; millionth
milli thousandth
mono one single
morph shape; form
multi many
my muscle
neo new; recent
nephro kidney
neur nerve
noct; nox night
oct eight
odont tooth
oo egg
opt eye
orth straight; correct; right
oste bone
oto ear
paleo old; ancient
pan all
path; pathy disease; suffering
ped foot
pent five
peri around
phag eat
phil loving; fond of
photo light
pod lungs; air
poly foot
post after; behind
pre before; ahead of time
prim first
pro forward; favoring; before
pseudo false; deceptive
pulmo lung
sacchar sugar
sci know
semi half; partly
sept partition; seven
sex six
sperm seed
stell stars
sub under; below
super; sur over; above; on top
sym; syn together
telo end
terr earth; land
tetr four
therm heat
toxico poison
trans across
troph nourishment; one who feeds
ventr belly; underside
xanth yellow
xero dry
zo; zoa animal
zyg joined together
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