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Anatomy Latin Roots

Latin root words in science

A without
Alba white
Amyl starch
Ante before
Anti against
Ase enzyme
Auto self
Bi two
Bio life
Brachio arm
Carbo carbon
Cardio heart
Carn meat
Cata breakdown
Chemo chemical
Chloro green
Chromo color
Chron time
Cide killing
Co together
Contra against
Cyte cell
Dactyl fingers & toes
Derm skin
Di two
Dis away from
Dorso back
Dys abnormal
Eco house
Ecto outer
Endo inner or within
Epi upper
Exo outer
Extra outside of
Gastro stomach
Genesis beginning
Geo earth
Glyco sugar
Graph picture
Gymno naked
Hemi half
Hemo blood
Hepa liver
Herb plant
Hetero other
Histo tissue
Homo same
Hydro water
Hyper above normal
Hypo below normal
Inter between
Intra within
Ism condition
Iso same
Itis inflammation
Ivorous eating
Ize to treat
Karyo nucleus
Latero side
Leuk white
Lysis breakdown
Macro big
Mal bad
Mega large
Meta change
Micro small
Mobile move
Mono one
Morph shape
Multi many
Myo muscle
Neo new
Nephro kidney
Neuro nerve
Noct night
Nomen name
Non not
Oculo eye
Odonto tooth
Ology study
Omni all
Oo egg
Opathy disease
Ortho straight
Ose sugar
Osis disease
Osteo bone
Ova egg
Para beside
Pathos disease
Ped child
Phage to eat
Phile to love
Phobia fear
Photo light
Phyll color
Plasm living
Plast factory
Pneumo lungs
Pod foot
Poly many
Post after
Pre before
Pro first
Pseudo false
Pyro heat or fever
Reno kidney
Retro backward
Saccharide sugar
Sarco fresh
Sci to know
Scopy to examine
Sperm seed
Sub under
Super above
Sym together
Synthesis to make
Tachy fast
Thermo temperature
Thesis statement
Trans across
Tri three
Troph to eat
Uni one
Vi life
Zygo fertilization
Created by: cwilliamson