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Reticulocytes Immature red blood cells
About how long do platelets last? 4-10 days
Where are platelets formed? Bone Marrow
What is the Spleen's nickname? the recycler
What is the spleen's function? Remove old and defective erythrocytes, ..."ideal filter mechanism" and something about reusing iron. Immune: rich supply of lymphocyte and monocytes.
Where is the preferred location for bone marrow examination? Posterior Iliac Crest
What is Leukemia? An outrageous amount of WBC. Therefore less room for other blood cells.
What is the most common cause of anemia worldwide? Iron deficiency Anemia
How should iron be administered to a patient? Liquid should be through straw. IM injection should use Z track method & no massage afterwords to prevent leakage.
What is Cobalamin Deficiency? B12 deficiency.
What is the most common cause of cobalamin deficiency? perniciuos anemia
What are some Neuro and GI symptoms of Cobalmin deficiency? Neuro: weakness, paresthesias of feet&hands, ataxia, muscle weakness, impaired thoughts processes. GI: sore tongue (glossy and smooth) anorexia, N/V, & abdominal pain.
Diagnosis of serum cobalamin? Schilling test
What is
Who is at risk for Folic Acid Deficiency? Alcoholics and hemodialysis patients
What is a therapy regimen for Folic Acid Deficiency? 1mg per day by mouth, up to 5 mg per day. Duration of treatment depends on reason for deficiency.
What is a medication administered for management of Sickle Cell Anemia? Hydroxyurea: It increases Hg F, Suppresses Bone Marrow, Increases risk of leukemia.
What are some complications of Sickle Cell Disease? Splenic Infarct, Acute chest complications, priapism, skin ulcers, Increased Risk of stroke, MI, Renal Failure.
What is Hemostasis? Stopping of flow chart.
What is primary hemostasis? vasoconstriction, platlet adhesion, aggregate plug formation.
What are some examples of secondary Hemostasis? Stabilizing clot, maintain vasoconstriction, initiating clotting pathway.
What is Thrombocytopenia? Low Platelet count
What are some presentations of Heparin Induced thrombocytopenia? Bruise easily, may appera as petechia, bleed easily, and ALTERED MENTAL STATUS.
In a situation with Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia, when is coumadin initiated? When platelet count reaches 100,000/microliter.
Name examples of Nursing Care for Thrombocytopenia. Avoid IM injections, Consider IV. Platelet transfusion if indicated.
What is the most common inherited bleeding disorder? Von Willebrand's disease.
What is Von Willebrand's disease? Problem with vW factor protein. Pts have higher instances of bleeding, which is important to know prior to surgery.
What are some lab findings of DIC? Fibrin Split Products ↑ D-Dimer + PT/INR ↑ aPTT ↑ Platelet count ↓ (completely used up) Fibrinogen ↓(completely used up)
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