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Diabetes Numbers

normal FPG <100
prediabetes (increased DM risk) FPG 100-125
diabetes FPG (8h fast) 126+
normal 2h OGTT <140
grams for OGTT 75g
preDM 2h OGTT 140-199
DM 2h OGTT 200+
random BG diabetes Dx 200+ AND typical s/s
preDM A1c 5.7-6.4
DM dx A1c 6.5+
HDL goal >50 women, >40 men
LDL goal <100
tryglicerides goal <150
total cholesterol goal ?
BP goal <130/80
GDM FPG dx 92+
GDM OGTT 1h post (am after 8h fasting) 180+
GDM OGTT 2h post 153+
age and frequency for diabetes screening in non-high risk ppl at 45 and then at least every 3 years (more frequent for more risks)
women with GDM should be screened after pregnancy when? 6-12wk postpartum (non A1c), and lifelong Q3years
all pregnant women regardless of risk should be screened for GDM when? 24-28wk with OGTT
HTN that requires lifestyle alone therapy 130-139 or 80-89
HTN that requires lifestyle + drugs 140/90 or more
goal for pegnant diabetes patients with HTN 110-129/65-79
number of clinical classes of DM 4 (1,2, other causes, GDM)
age to screen kids at risk DM2 10/onset of puberty, then q3y
how often should someone with preDM be screened for DM? at least yearly
age and/or BMI of someone with preDM who will esp benefit from met <60y/o, BMI >35
times per day to check if MDI or pump, T1, or prego+insulin 3+
age group CGM is recc for 25+ (can decrease A1c 0.5 and is also useful for those already in good control to get better and less hypo)
eAg of 6% 126
eAg of 7% 154
eAg of 8 180s
eAg of 9 210s
eAg of 10 240
eAg of 11 almost 270
eAg of 12 almost 300
overweight BMI 25-29
obese BMI 30+
RDA servings of fruits per day ?
RDA servings of veggies per day ?
RDA servings of carb per day ?
RDA servings of protien and fat per day ?
fiber per day 14g
weight loss and activity prediabetics should obtain 7% and 150min/wk
% of calories that should come from sat fat <7%
if have DM, % w/l to get ben of resistance, BG, BP, lipids 5%
RDI for carbs/day when pregnant 175
RDI for carbs/day for nonpregnant woman 130
an opened humulin 70/30 pen is good for how many days 10
days that most insulins are good for opened at room temp 28 days
days that Lantus is good opened ?
days that Levemir is good opened ?
days that NPH is good opened 14
days that analog mixed insulins good ?
amount of aspirin/day that may cause hypoglycemia because of increased stimulation of basal release of insulin around 4g
obese BMI 30+
overweight BMI 25-29
normal BMI 18.5-24
prehypertension 120-139/80-89
hypertension stage 1 140-159/90-99
hypertension stage 2 160/100+
protein amount for those with early stage CKD 0.8-1g/kg/day
2009 ADA A1c goal for teens and young adults <7.5%
2009 ADA A1c goal for school age children (6-12y/o) <8%
2009 ADA A1c goal for preschool and toddlers and infants (0-6y/o) >7.5% but <8.5%
IFG (prediabetes) range 100-125
2h post OGTT prediabetes range 140-199
A1c for prediabetes 5.7-6.4
frequency that those with pre diabetes should be screened for diabetes 1 year
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