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Latin II Vocab1.08

Latin Vocabulary

avus, i, m. grandfather
coniunx, coniugis spouse, wife, husband
Dux, ducis, m. leader, general
homo, hominis, m. man, mankind, human being
lex, legis, f. law
miles, militis, m. soldier
modus, i, m. manner, method, mode
pax, pacis, f. peace
pompa, ae, f. parade
salus, salutis, f. health, safety
saxum, i, n. rock
spatium, i, n. space, time
superbia, ae, f. haughtiness, pride, arrogance
tempestas, tempestatis, f. storm
qui, quae, quod who, which, that
quis, quid who, what
certus, a, um fixed, sure
mutatus, a, um changed
omnis, omne all, every
superbus, a, um haughty, proud, snobbish
cerno, cernere, crevi, cretus discern, see
colo, colere, colui, cultus till, cultivate, inhabit, worship
consulo, consulere, consului, consultus consult
do, dare, dedi, datus give
puto, putare, putavi, putatus think
relinquo, relinquere, reliqui, relictus abandon, leave behind
sto, stare, steti, staturus stand, stand up
ante (adverb and preposition) before
bene well
fortasse perhaps
itaque and so, as a result
tamen nevertheless
inter (+acc) between, among
ob (+acc) on account of, because of, for
ac and
nam for
Created by: samantha.spark