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Social Studies 2

Georgia colinazation

Charity was one of the reasons Oglethorpe asked for a charter, who did he want to help Poor but worthy
What changes from just being more exports than imports to creating a reasource for workers in the home land Mercantalisim
What dye did Georgian colonist promise to plant in order to compete with the Far East Indigo
What plant did the colonist raise because they had lots of water in their marshes Rice
Mercantalisim created this for england Reasources for workers
These trees produced leaves that silkworms fed on Mulberry
The ship that brought the first colonist to georgia The Ann
All colonists had a responsibility to the group to produce one or other of these Goods and Services
All male colonists over the age of 18 recieved this much land 50 Acres
The land was divided up like this 5 acres in the town and 45 acres in the country
King George wanted the colony for what purpose To keep the Spanish out of Souh Carolina
Georgia was seen as this becasue of its geografical location between Flordia and South Carolina Buffer
Georgia was granted as a colony to Oglethorpe because the king saw a chance for making a lot of money with what Silk, tabacco, indigo, and rice
What is a document that grants a person or group permission to create a colony for the king Charter
What year did Oglethorpe request a charter? 1732
What is a group of people who lived away from home but matain ties to their homeland Colony
The 3 reasons Georgia was granted a charter Defense, Charity, and Economics
When Oglethorpe was in charge the colony was a trustee or this type of colony Trustee colony
Which country was colonizing in Flordia and threatening to take over South Carolina Spain
There was 21 of these men including Oglethorpe Trustees
The trustee period lasted about 21 years
He founded the colony of Georgia Oglethorpe
He gave Oglethorpe the land to build Savannah Tomochichi
indentured servants came back to Georgia for this valuable plant to send back to England Tabacco
The cheif who gave Oglethorpe the land for the first English settlement in Georgia Tomochichi
A trade policy that called for balanced trade and the need for raw materials to be sent back to the mother land Mercantalism
Oglethorpe's friend who died in debtors prison Robert Castell
The first fort built in Georgia around 1721 Fort King George
Rules and laws assigned to the colonist by Oglethorpe and other trustees Regulations
What neither trustees or colonist could own, it all belonged to the King Land
A citizen army Militia
A person with no rights or privilages who is seen as property of another Slaves
Unlimatley the trustees answered to this person King George II
A puruke maker, an apothecary, a miller, and a surveyor are all called Artisants
The tree the trustees promised to plant in order to aquire raw materials for England Mulberry
The group of people Oglethorpe wanted to help with the new colony Poor but worthy
The interpreter for Oglethorpe and Tomochichi Mary Musgrow
The number of trustees who were granted the charter to start a colony in Georgia 21
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