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Science 8th - Ch 1

Earth Science Chapter 1 Test

______________ is a powerful tool for helping others because it is one way to fulfill God's commands. Earth Science
We can declare God's glory through...1. ______________ His works in nature and ______________ his creativity. discovering and imitating
Christ's redemption restores both __________ and the world. people
Redeeming earth science means restoring us to the work of ______________ and helping people in a fallen world. dominion
A ______________ is the perspective and beliefs through which we understand and live in the world. worldview
____________ scientists view earth science differently from Christians because of a difference of worldviews. secular
A ______________ is a workable explanation or description of something in nature. scientific model
The purpose of science is to use ___________ to account for how the world works models
Hypotheses, ___________ and laws serve different purposes in science. theories
__________ is the raw material of scientific models. It can be either measured or descriptive. Data
To be useful, there needs to be enough data to make valid __________. inferences
A definition of _____________ should include what is studied, how it is studied and why we need to use __________ as a tool to exercise good and wise domination over the earth science
Science is different from other human activities because it uses a special approach called the _______________. This is a sequence of activities that scientists follow in order to ensure that their work meets the standards of scientific work. scientific process
The two major types of science are ___________ science and ___________ science. operational, historical
_____________ may serve society in many ways and in many different kinds of occupations in the field of earth science. Earth scientists
Why should a Christian want to help others? because we are created in God's image, we were given the Creation Mandate, and Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves
What is the Creation Mandate? God's commandment to have dominion over all living creatures, to fill the earth with life, and to subdue the earth.
What are the 2 great commandments? Love thy Lord thy God with all thy thy neighbor as thyself
What is the glory of God? The wonder of His greatness and goodness.
Give two ways earth science helps us declare the glory of God. By discovering God's works and imitating His creativity
Studying Mars surface with robotic rovers is not part of God's complete plan for redeeming people from their sins. False, exercising biblical dominion over His creation is redeeming; any activity that reveals His glory (studying His creation) is included in redemption.
What is a worldview? The overall perspective that a person uses to interpret events in the world and upon which he makes his decisions.
How can 2 different scientists study the same rock formation and give 2 different explanations for how it formed? They base their explanations of the presuppositions of their world views.
With what does the secular history of the universe begin? The Christian history? Secular history begins with the big bang theory. Christian history of the universe begins with the creation by God.
Give the major themes in the Bible that frame a Christian worldview. Creation, the Fall of man and God's curse on His creation, and the Redemption. (The Flood is good too.)
What does it mean that a theory or model is workable? one that helps us understand the world. They are not absolute truth as the Bible is.
Why do scientists make hypothesis? To get them started answering a scientific question. It's an initial explanation for a scientific observation that gives them a direction for test and predictions.
What is the main difference between scientific theories and laws? T - explains something we observe while a L describes the relationships among physical quantities or other observations.
Contrast measured data and descriptive data. Instruments obtain MD, usually a number with a unit (4 grams). DD is usually word descriptions of observations, not numbers.
What could happen if a scientist doesn't collect enough data? Insufficient data gives a scientist an incomplete picture of what he is studying. It will skew his understanding of the problem. He will likely come to a wrong conclusion or inaccurate prediction.
What should be the features of a good definition of science? It should state WHAT science is, HOW science is done and WHY science is done. Determined by world views.
Presuppositions are what we assume to be true according to our worldview. (T/F) True
How is scientific work different from nearly all other human activities? Scientific method makes science different from nearly any other human activity.
Why is initial research important to the scientific process? It helps scientists to understand what people know about his question and identify any special knowledge or training needed to proceed.
A mineralogist is studying different kinds of beryl, a mineral found all over New Hampshire. How should she collect data? Make a collection or survey of minerals from all over the state (do initial research in publications)
Contrast operational science and historical science. OS uses observations in the present to deal with current scientific questions. HS deals with questions about the unobservable past.
Which scientist studies waves generated by earthquakes? seismologist
Which scientist studies the geography of the ocean floor marine geologist
Which scientist studies rocks on Mars? Astrogeologist
Which scientist studies the basins of the Great Lakes? limnologist
True or False...Data collection relies entirely on scientific experiments. False, data may be obtained from collections, surveys, maps, unexpected events.
Created by: bgpalmers
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