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Ecce Romani Chpt 3 Vocab List

abeo abire/abii or abivi/abitus = to go away
cado cadere/cecidi/casus = to fall
clamo (1) clamare/clamavi/clamatus = to shout
gemo gemere/gemui/gemitus = to groan
laboro (1) laborare/laboravi/laboratus = to work
rideo ridere/risi/risus = to laugh
femina feminae, f. = woman
piscina piscinae, f. = fishpond
hortus horti, m. = garden
servus servi, m. = servant, slave
puer pueri, m. = boy
vir viri, m. = man
iratus irata, iratum = angry
multus multa, multum = much, many (pl.)
solus sola, solum = alone, sole
eadem the same
-ne particle attached to end of word that indicates a yes/no question
qui (relative pronoun) = who
subito (adv.) = suddenly
Abite molesti! = Go way, pests!
in piscinam = into the fishpond
Ita vero! = Yes!
Minime! = No!
Created by: simsma