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De bello Gallico Chpts 3-5 Vocab List

adduco adducere/adduxi/adductus = to lead to; to induce, influence
amicitia -ae, f. = friendship
comparo (1) = to prepare; to acquire, prepare for
pax pacis, f. = peace treaty, truce, peace, favor
conficio conficere/confeci/confectus = to make or do thoroughly, complete, finish
deligo deligere/delegi/delectus = to pick out, choose
legatio legationis, f. = embassy; commission
satis (adv. & indeclinable adj) = sufficient
item (adv.) = in like manner, so, also, just so
obtineo obtinere/obtinui/obtentus = to hold, retain, possess, maintain
concilio (1) = to bring together; to gain or win over, secure
probo (1) = to approve; to demonstrate
propterea (adv.) = on this account; propterea quod = because
fides fidei, f. = faith; trustworthiness; allegiance, protection; pledge
oratio orationis, f. = speech, argument
potior potiri/potitus sum (deponent verb) = to get possession of, acquire, become master of (+ abl. or gen.)
ignis ignis, m. = fire
enuntio (1) = to report, declare, disclose
mos moris, m. = manner, custom, practice; (pl.) = customs, habits
sequor sequi/secutus sum (deponent verb) = to follow; to accompany; + poena = be inflicted
eripio eripere/eripui/ereptus = to take away; rescue
iudicium iudicii, n. = trial; opinion
undique (adv.) = on all sides, everywhere
absum abesse/abfui/--- = to be away, be lacking or free from
conor conari/conatus sum (deponent verb) = to try, attempt
ius iuris, n. = human law; power, authority
morior mori/mortuus sum (deponent verb) = to die
ob (prep. + acc.) = on account of, for
aedificium aedificii, n. = building, house
incendo incendere/incendi/incensus = to set fire to, burn; inflame, excite
oppidum oppidi, nt. = fortified town, town
vicus vici, m. = village, hamlet
exuro exurere/exussi/exustus = to burn up
mensis mensis, m. = month
oppugno (1) = to fight against, attack, besiege
socius socii, m. = companion, ally
tollo tollere/sustuli/sublatus = to lift up; to take on board; to remove; to destroy; to elate
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