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Final MT big test

The big one!!!

1. know when to use a combining vowel The combining vowel is used when the suffix begins with a consonant
2. know the charactderistics of the correct atomic position standing up straight facing foward, hold arms to the sides with palms turned towards the front
3. what means towards the lower part of the body? starts with a c Caudal
4. who specialized in care of older people? geriatrician
5. be able to define dystonia neurological movement disorder causing twisting and repetitive movements or abnormal postures
6. what would I call a balloon like enlargement of an artery wall? Aneurysm
7. what is a tissue plasminogen activator used for? breakdown blood clots
8. be able to describe immunodeficiency disorder immune system is compromised
9. what is another name for the adenoids? nasopharyngeal tonsils
10.what is another name for the rocky mountain spotted fever? rickettsia
11.this is an enlarged opening between the nose and sinus? functional endoscopic sinus surgery is used to enlarge the opening between the nose and sinus
12.also known as bad breath? Halatosis
13.dysuria painful or difficulting urinating
14.what would I call pus being discharged from a kidney? Nephropyosis
15.what would I call a surgical repair of the tube leading from the kidneys to the bladder? Ureteroplasty
16.this is commonly known as lue gehrig's disease? amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
17.ascending tract nerves heading towards the brain
18.stigmatism eye does not focus properly because of uneven curvatures of the cornea land
19.what gland secretes melatonin? pineal gland able to define graves disease? Auto immune disorder that leads to hyperthyroidism characterized by goiter ntional nor expected result of drug therapy able to define adverse reaction unintentional nor expected result of drug therapy
22.what is an IVP used for? x-ray of the kidneys bladder and ureters that used a contrast medium amination of the sigmoid colon
23.what is a sigmoid oscopy? visual examination of the sigmoid colon able to define cleft palate failure of the palate to close during the early developementof the fetus the opening can involeve the upper lip hard palate and or soft palate d an o if the suffix begins with a consonant
25.understand the combining vowel rule, when to add an o only add an O if the suffix begins with a consonant
26.know what a sign is objective indication of some medical fact or characteristic that may be detected during an examination erating normally
27.dysfunctional not operating normally
28.suffix gram refers to recording or picture
29.know what the term proximal mean close to the midline
30.where can I find DNA? Chromosomes or genes
31.what is a stem cell is and do adults have stem cells? mother cells that can self repair and adults do not have stem cells
32.a chiropractor specializes in? manipulative treatment of disorders originating from misalignment of the spine o bone
33.what do tendons attatch to? muscle to bone
34.hyperextension overextension of a muscle or joint
35.know what i would refer to as blood poisoning? septicimia
36.what type of infection would I use antibiotics on? bacterial infection bacterial infection
37.what would I call the surgical removal of only cancerous tissue and a margin of surrounding normal tissue of the breast? lumpectomy able to define a compliment cell? protiens that are activated by contact with nonspecific antigens such as forein blood cells or bacteria. the complement marks the invaders and attracts phagocytes to destroy them
39.what would I use a synthetic interferon for? hepatitis treatment, multiple scheloris and some cancers able to define a bronchial spasm contraction of the smooth muscles of the bronchi and bronchioles that tighten and squeeze the airway shut
41.what would i call the absence of the formation of urine? Anuria
42.this is a surgically created opening in the chest cavity? Thoracostomy
43.what would I call any disease of the kidney? Nephropathy
44.what would I call complete failure of the kidney? renal failure renal failure
45. how would you aquire polycystic kidney disease? Genetics would you get shaking baby syndrome and define it? shaking a baby. causes brain injury, blindness, fractures, seizures, paralysis and death able to define psychotic syndrome or disorder is loss of contact with reality and deterioration of normal social fuctioning able to define epilepsy chronic neuroloical condition chracterized by recurrant episodes of seizures of varying severity
49.know what the light sensitive cell rods in the eye are called and where are they found in the eye? Retina, rods are for night vision,cones for daylight
50.know what scabies is skin disease caused by a mite
51.know what an abcess is closed pocket pus filled sac
52.what would I call an abnormal protrusion of the eyeball called exophthalmos
53.what would I call bleeding from the vagina it is not menorhea? Colporrhexis able to define lochia postpartum vaginal discharge that typically continues 4 to 6 weeks after childbirth able to define and distinguish episiotomy or episiorrhaphy episiotomy is a cut from the vaginal orifice through the perenium to the anus to help with the passing of the child during birth and the episiorrhapy is the surgical suturing of this cut
56.what would i use a c reactive protien test for? used after surgery or treatment for infections
57.what would I call the presence of a stone in the urinary bladder? Cystolith
58. what would i call the surgical incision to remove a stone? Lithotomy
59.what would i call the presence of a stone in the kidney nephrolith
60.what would i call the condition of having a kidney stone? Nephrolithiosis
61.what is the presence of the stone in the ureter is called? Ureterolith
62.know what a sedative is depresses central nervous system to produce a calm and diminished responsiveness without causing sleep
63.know what hypnotic is produces sleep and depresses the central nervous system
64.know what an anti-depressent is administered to relieve depression
65.know what an anti-psychotic is treat severe disorders of thinking and mood that are associated with neurological and psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia, mania and delusional disorders
66.know the medical term for a pinched nerve cervical radiculopathy
67.what is the medical term for sleep walking somnambulism
68.know the medical term for lockjaw tetanus
69.know the medical term for infectiouspolynueritis (someones name hyphenated) guillian barre syndrome
70.know the name for lue gerrighs disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
71.what is a skin growth that hangs from a fine stalk called? skin tag skin tag
72.what is a mushroom like growth on the mucus membrane called? polyp
73.what is a benign fatty deposit under the skin? lipoma
74.what is the term for a wart? keratosis
75. abnormally raised scar on someone is called? keloid keloid
76.what would I call a blister? vesicle vesicle
77.this is also known as warts verrucae
78.what is the medical term for hives uriticaria
79.medical term for itching. Pruritus
80.medical term for scabs crust
81.has a role in the immune system (glands) thymus
82.this next one stimulates the sympathetic nervous system adrenal glands
83.this next one influences sleep and wakefullness cycles? pineal gland
84.this one increases glucos in the blood stream pancreatic islets
85.this one influences sexual related characteristics androgens
86.if i gave you a disease like gout what would it infect? Skeletal system
87.cerumen would effect what system? the sensory system sensory system
88.lordosis effects what system? muscle skeletal system muscle skeletal system
89.angina effects what system? circulatory system circulatory system
90.Meniere's disease effects what system? Sensory system
91.otosclerosis effects what system? sensory system sensory system
92.protienuria effects what system? Urinary system
93.rickets effects what system? Skeletal system
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