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healing final

Describe heart failure inability of the heart to pump sufficient blood to meet the body's need
Congestive heart faillure left sided heart failure, the left ventricle cannot pump blood out of the body. Blood backs up into the left atrium, and eventually into the lungs.
what is the goal of treatment to both left and right sided heart failure Increase the amount of blood that is pumped out of the heart
Nursing actions that may benefit patients with CHF check wt at same time every day, report wt gain of more that 1kg every 24hrs utilize high fowlers position when sitting elevate legs while sitting
Essential Hypertension NOT caused by an underlying condition
What 2 systems affect blood pressure regulation the most. Cardiac and renal systems working together
what is a Homans sign dorsiflexion of the foot creates calf pain and is a positive Homan's sign and indicates the presence of a DVT
A pt diagnosed with thrombophlebitis of the leg should be taught to avoid crossing legs and ankles
Nosebleed, is it associated with the development of pneumonia Epistaxis. No
Symptoms of pneumonia febrile seizures coughing with thick green or yellow mucous crackles and decreased breath sounds
Asthma,bronchitis and emphysema are all examples of what? COPD- chronic obstructive pulmonary disease these are all lung condition characterized by restricted airflow
what precautions should be used for pts with viral influenza standard precautions droplet precautions
recommended flow rate of oxygen administration via nasal prongs for a pt with COPD 2-3L/min
what is a CPAP machine Continuous positive pressure machine
When can a CPAP be used by a pt when recovering from surgery
Treatments for GERD pharmacological- antacids, H2 blockers medical- losing t, elevating head of bed,avoiding alcohol and caffeine use medical- fundoplication
Crohns disease can be found in what parts of the GI tract All parts of the GI tract
Ulcerative Colitis is found where Colon only
what % of Crohns pts will undergo surgical proceures related to their crohns 90%
what should a pt with Diverticulosis do to prevent development of Diverticulisis increase dietary fiber and increase fluids
S/S of depression in the elderly are often confused with other physical or social changes
Nursing intervention for elderly client experiencing anxiety from numerous simultaneous stimuli. reduce noise level
elderly persons at most risk of falls are those with osteoporosis those with impaired sensory function those with a history of previous falls
Risk factors for Hypertension obesity smoking salt intake inactivity stress alcohol
What is blood pressure Force produced in the arterial walls by the volume of blood in them
pt has thromboplebitis, should nurse massage affected limb NO
Ways a person can get the flu even after having vaccine 1 week previous vaccine takes 10-14 days to provide immunity acquired different strain than vaccine vaccine didnt stimulate a great enough reaction to build full immunity flu like symptoms from vaccine- not actual flu
ways nurse can maintain food intake in pt with chronic anorexia and nausea provide food pt likes high calorie beverages small servings frequent servings eat in diningroom give supplements give anti emetics give appetite stimulants
explain why breathing stimulus in COPD is different from normal breathing stimulus CO2 is normal stimulus. in copd pt O2 becomes stimulus.q
Symptoms of IBD- inflammatory bowel disease abdominal pain diahrrea fatigue anorexia wt loss anemia melena electrolyte disturbance Lesions WBC and sed rate increase malnutrition
ways pt could decrease development or worsening of hemorrhoids avoid straining for BM avoid prolonged sitting avoid constipation sitz baths hemorrhoid creams high fiber diet increased diet
factors that may contribute to the increase of depression in a person as they age Multiple life losses ability to cope physically altered sensory functions incidence of illness chronic discomfort, i.e pain, appetite
actions that can promote mental health in older adult encourage independence good nutrition meaningful activity socialization correct physical problem modify environment to compensate for deficits increase knowledge provide consistent care assist with ADLS encourage life history telling
2 substances most often involved in problems associated with substance abuse in the elderly alcohol and tobaco
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