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Restorative Art

in posing the eyes, the eyelids should meet at? inferior third of the orbit
the alveolar process is on which bone maxilla
the external cranial bones include all of the following except? a)zygomatic; occipital; parietal; temporal zygomatic
which of the following exist as a pair? ethmoid; frontal ; parietal;occipital; temporal parietal
a natural facial marking is one that prsent at birth
the width of the frontal plane of the face is measured by what bones? zygomatic
the middle third of the length is formed by the concha
when performing hypo tissue building, care should be excercised sa as not to eliminate natural depressions
the orbital pounch below the lower eyelid should be reduced by external pressure
a color produced by the mixture of two primary hues is known as secondary
a wound in which skin has been scrapped from the surface is an abrasion
a major disavantage in the use of an electric spatula is that it could darken the skin
synonim for intradermal suture hidden
a suture used to turn under excess skin is called double intradermal
while posing the features of an accident victim, which of the following could be used to close a jagged tear of the wing of the nose? lip wax;super glue; baseball suture ; basket weave suture super glue
which of the following is not an obseved point of natuaral expression distance from corner lip to ear lob
in natural eye lashes, the cilia extend obliquely from the corner corners
pre embalming RA technique tempoary closure of wounds;application of of topical beaching agent
while washing a body prior to embalming the paractitioner notice desquamation on the forearms. subsequent to arterial embalming, what should the practictioner do first apply a cavity pack
the correct direction of the supercilia transversely upward and outward
which photo best best shows
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