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Drug Cards for 202

Drug Cards For Peds and Maternity

Cervidil Induction of labor
Cytotek Induction of labor; Induction of abortion; Postpartum hemorrhage; Route: Vaginal Insertion, For Hemorrhage: PO or PR
Methergine Postpartum hemorrhage; Route: IM
Hemabate Postpartum hemorrhage; Uncontrollable diarrhea is side effect
Magnesium Sulfate Preeclamptic/Ecclamptic; Preterm Labor
Calcium Gluconate Antidote for Magnesium Sulfate
Stadol Analgesic during labor
Toradol Analgesic (NSAID); Used post op for C section pts. Administered IV
Narcan Antidote for too much drugs
Surfacta Used for baby with respiratory depression
Vitamin K Initiate clotting factors in newborn; also antidote for coumadin
Erythromycin Ointment Put on babys' eyes to protect from blindness from Gonorrhea (prophylactic: done in all vaginal births)
Rhogam For Rh- Mama. First shot at 28 weeks, and second within 72 hours if baby is Rh+
Hepatitis B Vaccine for Baby (Parents must sign consent)
Rubella Vaccine for Mama (Mama must not get pregnant for 3 months after vaccine administration)
Procardia Gestational HTN; Preterm Labor
Phenergan (promethazine) Antiemetic
Vistaril Antihistamine for pruritis
Laminaria Cervical ripening agent (herbal)
Created by: Shizuka3