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Science Skills

test on Wednesday 9/4/12

What are the 6 steps of scientific method 1. Problem/Question 2. Research/Background 3. Form Hypothesis 4. Test Hypothesis 5. Analysis 6. Conclusion
Name & explain the 1st step of the scientific method Problem/Question~ identify the problem
Name & explain the 2nd step of the scientific method Research/Background~ research topic, materials, and past experiments. Find information on the internet, in books & magazines, and talk to experts
Name & explain the 3rd step of the scientific method Form Hypothesis~ answer the question. Hypothesis~ educated guess
Name & explain the 4th step of the scientific method Test Hypothesis~ 1. develop and experiment~ get all tools necessary 2. follow procedure 3. state observations & data
Name & explain the 5th step of the scientific method Analysis~ make inferences
Name & explain the 6th step of the scientific method & tell why each step is important Conclusion~ 1. accept or reject hypothesis~ states answer to problem. 2. Strengths and Weaknesses~ people can copy or change things 3. suggest further research~ tell other people what to do 4. report results~ give summary of report
the step-by-step process used to carry out a test procedure
recorded facts or information data
something that can bring about change variable
a standard for a comparison control
use of your senses to get information observation
a possible explanation for an observation inference
something observable or agreed upon by scientists fact
explanation of things or events based on many observations theory
a rule or statement of the way nature works law
applied science technology
5 types of scientific investigation 1. Field Study 2. Systematic Observation 3. Controlled Experiment 4. Model 5. Simulation
Explain field study going to study something
explain systematic observation includes measurments
explain controlled experiments in lab~ uses scientific method
explain when you would use a model when studying systems too big, too small, too far, or too dangerous
explain when you would use a simulation practice for a real situation
basic SI unit for length meter
basic SI unit for area square meter
basic SI unit for volume cubic meter
basic SI unit for liquid volume liter
basic SI unit for mass gram
basic SI unit for density m/V
basic SI unit for weight Newton
basic SI unit for time second
basic SI unit for temperature degree
basic SI unit for temperature scale Kalvin
name the 3 types of models. 1. physical 2. mental 3. scale
explain a physical model represents actual objects
explain mental model an idea of how an object works
explain scale model a representation with a fired ratio between the size of the model & the size of the object
Created by: jesse.rose