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measurements ch1

measurements chapter 1 test

English System a measurement system used for everyday measurements in the united states
SI the international system of units used by scientists
measurement when someone determines the amount of something using a value and a unit
accuracy when you describe how close a quantity is to its true value
precision describes how close together repeated measurements are
resolution refers to the smallest interval that can be measured
unit a standard amount like a kilometer or a gallon which is used to communicate various quantities
distance describes how far it is from one place to another
length the the amount of space between two point is measured in units of length
light year the distance light can travel in one year
meter a unit of length in SI that equals 100cm
parsec is equal to about 3.26 light years
significant digits meaningful digits in a measured quantity
conversion factor a ratio that has a value of one and is used when setting up unit conversion problems
dimensional analysis a method of using conversion factors and unit canceling to solve a unit conversion problem
scatter plot or x y graph often used to determine if one variable causes an effect in another variable
independent variable can also be called manipulative variable
inverse relationship when one variable decreases as the other increases
graph a visual representation of data; there are four types
direct relationship is shown on the continuous smooth curve rising from left to right on a scatter plot
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