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MSU Woo Pharm Ch3

What does rational drug selection require? knowlege of disease processes and mechanism of action of a speciic drug and how it afects this process
What agency publishes disease-speciic treatment guidelines that include both pharmacological and nonpharmacological therapies? AHCO (Agency for Health Care Quality and NIH (National Institutes of Health)
When given a choice, a NP should consult a Pharmicist or Pharm D for knowledge of pharmacokinetics and pharmacotherapeutics Pharm D
How many steps does the World Health Organization's model o rational prescribing have? 6 ADPIIE
What are the two steps used in determining treatment? appropriate evidenced based theraby and individualizing the drug to speciic pt.
What grade reading level do should health literacy be written to? 5th or 6th
What does the Mneumonic "I Can PresCribE a Drug" stand for? Indication, Contraindications, Precautions, Cost/Compliance, Eficacy, Adverse effects, Dose/Duration/Direction
Type of monitoring that occurs when a patient is educated on the expected outcome of a drug therapy and is instructed to contact the provider if the treatment is not effective or if advers dug effects occur? Passive monitoring
Type of monitoring that occurs when the provider schedules follow-up examination to determine effectivesness of the drug therapy. Active monitoring
The relationship between a dru's desired therapeutic effecgs and its adverse effectgs is therapeutic index
Name two drugs that have a wide therapeutic index antibiotic and propranlol
If prescribing a beta blocker for a patient with a mental health diagnosis, it is best to use one that is more/less lipophilic beacuse it is less likely to cause the ADR's of anxiety, depression and mental status changes. less