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Hepatic PCC obj 6

Types of cirrhosis? Alcoholic, postnecrotic and biliary
What is Cirrhosis? Irrevirsible, degerative disease chracterized by replacement of normal liver tissue w/ diffuse fibrosis that dirsrupts the structure and function of the liver.
Another definition of cirrhosis is known as? scarring of the liver
scar tissue characteristically surrounds the portal areas? Alcoholic cirrohsis
Broad bands of scar tissue, late results of a previous episode of acute viral hepatitis? Post Necrotic
Cirrhosis has an ______ onset and ______ course? this usually occurs over a span of 30 years or more Insidious (gradual) Protracted (prolonged)
amebic liver abcessess are most commonly caused by? Entamoeba Histolytica
Most amebic occur where & why? in developing countries of tropics and subtropics b/c of poor sanitiation and hygiene
Pyogenic liver abscessess are less common and found where? Developed countries
Causes of pyogenic ? cholangitis and abdominal trauma
What are the portions of the liver that are mostly involved when dealing with cirrhosis? Portal & periportal spaces
What is the major causative factor of cirrhosis? Alcohol
With alcoholic cirrhosis the liver cells become _______. They are then replaced with _____? Necrotic: scar tissue
Scarring occurs in the liver around the bile ducts, usually resulting form cholangitis and much less common of the 3 types of cirrhosis biliary cirrhosis
The severity of cirrhosis is used to categorize the disorder as ____ or _____? compensated (less severe) or Decompensated (more severe)
Hallmarks of decompensated, is failure of the liver to? detoxify substances and to produce protiends, clotting factors, and other substances
Clinical manifestations of cirrhosis? Liver enlargement, portal obstruction, and ascites, infection and peritonitis, GI varices, edema, vitamin deficiency, and anemia, mental deterioration
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