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Court Reporting

Homonyms & Word Usage

acede to agree
exceed to go beyond limit
accept to receive willingly
except other than; to exclude
access entrance
excess more than needed
adherence close attachment; devotion
adherents supporters of a cause
advice opinion, suggestion
advise to offer advice to, to counsel
affect to influence; emotional response
effect a result; to cause to happen
aid to assist
aide assistant
ail feel ill
ale type of beer
aisle passageway between rows of seats
isle small island
all ready prepared
already by this time
allowed permitted
aloud in loud tone, out loud
allude to refer to indirectly
elude to avoid
allusion indirect reference
illusion erroneous belief perception
elusion to avoid
altar elevated structure for religious ceremonies
alter to adjust or modify
ascent an upward slope
assent agreement; to agree
bail money for release of arrested person
bale wrapped package
bare unclothed; to reveal
bear to carry; an animal
bazaar marketplace, fair
bizarre strange
beat whip, thrash
beet dark red root vegetable
been past participle of be
bin storage container
beer alcoholic beverage
bier coffin stand
biannual occurring twice a year
biennial occurring once every two years
bloc a group of united for common cause
block piece of wood, city square; to prevent passage
boar male swine
boor crude person
bore dull, tiresome person; to make a hole
board a plank of wood
bored uninterested
born brought into life
borne carried
brake stop
break smash
breach to break or violate
breech part of a gun
breadth width
breath air inhaled and exhaled
breathe to inhale and exhale
buy purchase
by next to
cannon large gun
canon code of law
canvas heavy cloth
canvass to examine or survey
capital seat of government, uppercase letter of alphabet; very serious; sum of money
capitol building where legislature meets
cede to surrender
seed propagative part of plant; to plant
cellar basement
seller one who sells
censer incense container
censor one who condemns; to examine for objectionable material
censure reprimand
sensor a device that responds to stimulus
choir company of singers
quire one twenhieth of a ream of paper
choose to select
chose past tense of choose
chord tones sounded together
cord twine, rope, cable
cite to quote an authority
sight the ability to see; to look at
site a place
cloth fabric
clothe to cover with clothing
coarse rough, crude
course a route, program of instruction
complement something that complete; makes whole
compliment expression of praise; to praise
conscience sense of right and wrong
conscious aware, capable of thought
consul government official
council governing body
counsel advice, attorney; to advise
core innermost part
corps military group, group of person acting together
corpse dead body
deprivation the act of depriving; loss
depravation moral corruption; perversion
decent acceptable
descent downward slope or movement; ancestry
dissent disagreement; to disagree
desert arid region; to abandon
dessert after-dinner course
die expire; singular of dice
dye color
dicreet reserved, respectful
discrete individual, distinct
done finished; past participle of do
dun dull brown color; to demand payment
earn to gain from work
urn a vase
elicit to bring out
illicit illegal, forbidden
emigrate to leave one region or country to settle in another; emigrate from
immigrate to settle in a region or country other than one's native area; immigrate to
eminent distinguished
imminent about to occur
envelop to surround
envelope wrapper
everyday ordinary
every day each day
everyone everybody
every one each one
exercise bodily exertion; to use
exorcise to free from evil spirit
faint lose consciousness
feint misleading movement
fair average; lovely
fare a charge for transportation
farther greater distance
further additional; to promote
flair style, talent
flare to flame up; sudden outburst
foreword preface to book
forward in front; to send, promote
formally conventionally, ceremonially
formerly previously
forth forward
fourth number after third
foul offensive
fowl types of birds
gate structure blocking an entrance
gait rhythm of movement
gorilla a large primate
guerrilla a kind of soldier
grate framework of bars; to annoy
great large, distinguished
grisly gruesome
grizzly species of bear; partly gray
hail frozen precipitation; to greet enthusiastically
hale in sound health
hangar structure for aircraft storage
hanger a device for hanging clothes
heal to mend
heel part of foot
hew to shape with ax
hue color
hear to perceive by ear
here in this place
heard past tense of hear
herd group of animals
hole an opening
whole complete
hoard to store up
horde large group
incite to provoke
insight ability to discern
its possessive of it
it's contraction of it is
lane narrow roadway
lain past participle of lie
later occurring after
latter second of two things
lead haavy metal; front position; to guide
led past tense of lead
lessen to make less
lesson something learned
lesser smaller
lessor one who leases
liable responsible
libel written defamation
lightening lessening
lightning electrical discharge in atmosphere
loath unwilling, reluctant
loathe to dislike intensely
loose slack, not tight
lose to mislay; opposite of win
mail postal material; armor
male masculine
meat edible flesh
meet encounter
mete to deal out
medal an award
meddle to interfere
metal hard substance
mettle courage, spirit
might power
mite small object or creature
moral conviction of right or wrong
morale spirit of enthusiasm or discipline in group
more additional
moor open land
naval relating to navy or ships
navel where umbilical cord was attached
no the opposite of yes
know to be certain
pail bucket
pale light int color, pallid
pair two matched items
pare to peel
pear fruit
palate roof of the mouth
pallet platform for freight; mattress
palette board for mixing artist's paints
passed past tense of pass
past after; a time gone by
patience forbearance
patients persons under medical care
peace the absence of war
piece a portion of something
peak high point, pinnacle
peek quick look
pique resentment
peal to ring out
peel skin of fruit
pedal foot lever
peddle sell
petal part of flower
peer to look intently; a person of equal status
pier platform extending from shore over water
personal private
personnel employees
phase a stage or period
faze to disturb
plain clear
plane airborne vehicle; carpenter's tool
plaintiff complaingin party in litigation
plaintive sorrowful, melancholy
populace population
populous containing many inhabitants
pole long, rounded piece of wood
poll voting place; to question in survey
pore tiny opening in skin
pour to stream or flow
precede to come before in time
proceed go forward, continue
presence the state of being at hand
presents gifts
principal most important; sum of money; head of school
pinciple a basic truth or law; rule or standard
prophecy a prediction
prophesy to predict
rail horizontal bar
rale rattling breath sound
rain precipitation
reign to rule
rein a strap for controlling an animal
raise to build up
raze to tear down
rational sane, logical
rationale explanation or reason
real actual
reel a spool; to wind
respectfully with regard or deference
respectively in the order designated
right correct
rite a religious ceremony
write to form letters, compose
road a surface for driving
rode past tense of ride
role function, capacity; part played by an actor
roll a list; to rotate
rote memorizing process
wrote past tense of write
sail fabric for propelling ship; to move effortlessly
sale the act of selling
sane of sound mind
seine fishing net
scene where an action occurs
seen past participle of see
shear to cut
sheer steep; transparent; to turn aside
sleight clever trick
slight to treat thoughtlessly
stalk stem of plant; to track
stock a supply of merchandise; corporate shares
stationary unmoving
stationery writing paper
steal take property
steel hard metal
straight unbending
strait a water passageway
taught past tense of teach
taut tight
tense nerve-racking
tents portable shelters
their possessive of they
there opposite of here
they're contraction of they are
throe spam of pain
throw to toss
timber trees; wood
timbre distinctive tone
to toward
too also
two number following one
treaties contracts, formal agreements
treatise written account
troop group of people
troupe theatrical company
trustee legal administrator
trusty dependable; trustworthy convict
waist the middle of the body
waste discarded material
wait postpone
weight measure of heaviness
waive to relinquish voluntarily
wave hand gesture; ridge of water
want desire
wont apt, likely
weak not strong
week Sunday through Saturday
weather state of the atmosphere
whether used to introduce alternative possibilities
which one of a group
witch a sorcerer
who's contraction of who is
whose possessive of who
wreak to inflict punishment
wreck to destroy
yoke type of harness
yolk center of egg
your possessive of you
you're contraction of you are
yore time long past
Created by: amyswint