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Chengdu Chinese


变化 bianhua = to change, change
暑假 shujia = summer vacation
hai = also; as well; too; in addition; still; yet
bi = than; (superior or inferior) to
人口 renkou = population
zui = most; best; least; to the highest or lowest degree
城市 chengshi = city
增加 zengjia = to increase
建筑 jianzhu = to construct; architecture
过去 guoqu = past
bian = to change; to become different
geng = more; even more
漂亮 piaoliang = beautiful
冬天 dongtian = winter
暖和 nuanhuo = warm
可是 keshi = but
暖气 nuanqi = heating (system)
天气 tianqi = weather
预报 yubao = to forecast; forecast
气温 qiwen = temperature
gao = tall
du = degree
屋子 wuzi = room
感觉 ganjue = to feel; sense
家庭 jiating = family
旅馆 luguan = hotel
饭店 fadian = hotel; restaurant
mi = fan; to indulge in; to be crazy about
guang = only
也许 yexu = perhaps; maybe; probably
古典 gudian = classical
现代 xiandai = modern times; modern
世界 shijie = world
名曲 mingqu = a famous song or melody
流行 liuxing = popular
歌曲 gequ = song
年轻 nianqing = youg
歌词 geci = verse
有些 youxie = some
遥远 yaoyuan = distant
民歌 minge = folk song
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