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HSK 02

New HSK Format Level 2 (source:

1 ba5 (suggestion) auxiliary
2 bai2 white adjective
3 bai3 hundred numeral
帮助 4 bang1zhu4 to help verb
5 bi3 to compare with preposition
6 bie2 do not adverb
7 chang2 long adjective
唱歌 8 chang4ge1 to sing verb
9 chu1 to go out verb
穿 10 chuan1 to wear verb
11 chuan2 boat noun
12 ci4 time classifier
13 cong2 from preposition
14 cuo4 wrong adjective
打篮球 15 da3lan2qiu2 to play basketball phrase
大家 16 da4jia1 everyone pronoun
但是 17 dan4shi4 but conjunction
18 dao4 to arrive verb
19 de5 (adverbial particle) auxiliary
20 de5 (adverbial particle) auxiliary
21 deng3 to wait verb
弟弟 22 di4di5 younger brother noun
第一 23 di4yi1 first numeral
24 dui4 right adjective
25 dui4 towards preposition
房间 26 fang2jian1 room noun
非常 27 fei1chang2 very adverb
分钟 28 fen1zhong1 minute noun
服务员 29 fu2wu4yuan2 waiter noun
30 gao1 tall adjective
告诉 31 gao4su5 to tell verb
哥哥 32 ge1ge5 older brother noun
33 gei3 to give verb
公共汽车 34 gong1gong4qi4che1 bus noun
公斤 35 gong1jin1 kilogram classifier
公司 36 gong1si1 company noun
37 gui4 expensive adjective
38 guo4 (perfect tense) auxiliary
39 hai2 still adverb
孩子 40 hai2zi5 child noun
好吃 41 hao3chi1 delicious adjective
42 hao4 number noun
43 hei1 black adjective
44 hong2 red adjective
欢迎 45 huan1ying2 to welcome verb
回答 46 hui2da2 to answer verb
机场 47 ji1chang3 airport noun
鸡蛋 48 ji1dan4 egg noun
49 jian4 measure word for clothing or matters classifier
教室 50 jiao4shi4 classroom noun
姐姐 51 jie3jie5 older sister noun
介绍 52 jie4shao4 to introduce verb
53 jin4 to enter verb
54 jin4 close adjective
55 jiu4 only adverb
觉得 56 jue2de5 to think verb
咖啡 57 ka1fei1 coffee noun
开始 58 kai1shi3 to begin verb
考试 59 kao3shi4 exam noun
可能 60 ke3neng2 to be possible verb
可以 61 ke3yi3 can verb
62 ke4 lesson noun
63 kuai4 quick adjective
快乐 64 kuai4le4 happy adjective
65 lei4 tired adjective
66 li2 from preposition
67 liang3 two numeral
68 lu4 road noun
旅游 69 lv3you2 to travel verb
70 man4 slow adjective
71 mang2 busy adjective
72 mei3 every pronoun
妹妹 73 mei4mei5 younger sister noun
男人 74 nan2ren2 man noun
75 nin2 you pronoun
牛奶 76 niu2nai3 milk noun
女人 77 nv3ren2 woman noun
旁边 78 pang2bian1 side noun
跑步 79 pao3bu4 to run verb
便宜 80 pian2yi5 cheap adjective
81 piao4 ticket noun
漂亮 82 piao4liang5 beautiful adjective
妻子 83 qi1zi5 wife noun
起床 84 qi3chuang2 to get up verb
85 qian1 thousand numeral
86 qing2 sunny adjective
去年 87 qu4nian2 last year noun
88 rang4 to let verb
上班 89 shang4ban1 to go to work verb
身体 90 shen1ti3 body, health noun
生病 91 sheng1bing4 to get sick verb
生日 92 sheng1ri4 birthday noun
时间 93 shi2jian1 time noun
事情 94 shi4qing5 matter noun
手表 95 shou3biao3 watch noun
96 song4 to give, to send verb
所以 97 suo3yi3 so conjunction
98 ta1 it pronoun
踢足球 99 ti1zu2qiu2 to play football verb
100 ti2 question noun
跳舞 101 tiao4wu3 to dance verb
102 wai4 outside noun
103 wan2 to play verb
104 wan2 to finish verb
晚上 105 wan3shang5 evening noun
106 wei4 hey interjection
为什么 107 wei4shen2me5 why pronoun
108 wen4 to ask verb
问题 109 wen4ti2 question noun
西瓜 110 xi1gua1 watermelon noun
希望 111 xi1wang4 to hope verb
112 xi3 to wash verb
113 xiang4 towards preposition
小时 114 xiao3shi2 hour noun
115 xiao4 to smile verb
116 xin1 new adjective
117 xing4 family name noun
休息 118 xiu1xi5 to rest verb
119 xue3 snow noun
颜色 120 yan2se4 color noun
眼睛 121 yan3jing5 eye noun
羊肉 122 yang2rou4 lamb noun
123 yao4 medicine noun
124 yao4 to want, will verb
125 ye3 also adverb
已经 126 yi3jing1 already adverb
一起 127 yi1qi3 together adverb
意思 128 yi4si5 meaning noun
129 yin1 cloudy adjective
因为 130 yin1wei4 because conjunction
游泳 131 you2yong3 to swim verb
右边 132 you4bian5 right side noun
133 yu2 fish noun
134 yuan2 yuan classifier
135 yuan3 far adjective
运动 136 yun4dong4 to work out verb
137 zai4 again adverb
早上 138 zao3shang5 morning noun
139 zhang1 piece classifier
丈夫 140 zhang4fu5 husband noun
141 zhao3 to look for verb
142 zhe5 (continuing tense) auxiliary
143 zhen1 really adverb
正在 144 zheng4zai4 currently adverb
知道 145 zhi1dao4 to know verb
准备 146 zhun3bei4 to prepare verb
自行车 147 zi4xing2che1 bicycle noun
148 zou3 to walk verb
149 zui4 most adverb
左边 150 zuo3bian5 left side noun
Created by: Smadrie
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