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HSK 01

New HSK Format Level 1 (source:

1 ai4 to love verb
2 ba1 eight numeral
爸爸 3 ba4ba5 father noun
杯子 4 bei1zi5 cup noun
北京 5 Bei3jing1 Beijing noun
6 ben3 volume measure word
不客气 7 bu2ke4qi5 you're welcome verb
8 bu4 no adverb
9 cai4 dish noun
10 cha2 tea noun
11 chi1 to eat verb
出租车 12 chu1zu1che1 taxi noun
打電話 13 da3 dian4hua4 to make a telephone call verb
14 da4 big adjective
15 de5 subordinating particle auxiliary
16 dian3 o'clock noun
电脑 17 dian4nao3 computer noun
电视 18 dian4shi4 television noun
电影 19 dian4ying3 movie noun
东西 20 dong1xi5 thing noun
21 dou1 all adverb
22 du2 to read verb
对不起 23 dui4bu5qi3 sorry verb
24 duo1 many, much adjective
多少 25 duo1shao5 how many, how much pronoun
儿子 26 er2zi5 son noun
27 er4 two numeral
饭店 28 fan4dian4 restaurant noun
飞机 29 fei1ji1 airplane noun
高兴 30 gao1xing4 happy adjective
31 ge4 measure word measure word
工作 32 gong1zuo4 to work verb
33 gou3 dog noun
汉语 34 han4yu3 Chinese language noun
35 hao3 good, nice adjective
36 he1 to drink verb
37 he2 and conjunction
38 hen3 very adverb
后面 39 hou4mian4 back noun
40 hui2 to come back verb
41 hui4 can verb
火车站 42 huo3che1zhan4 railway station noun
43 ji3 how many pronoun
44 ji3 years, age measure word
45 jia1 home noun
46 jiao4 to call verb
今天 47 jin1tian1 today noun
48 jiu3 nine numeral
49 kai1 to open verb
50 kan4 to look at verb
看见 51 kan4jian4 to see verb
52 kuai4 piece measure word
53 lai2 to come verb
老师 54 lao3shi1 teacher noun
55 le5 (past tense) auxiliary
56 leng3 cold adjective
57 li3 inside noun
58 ling2 zero numeral
59 liu4 six numeral
妈妈 60 ma1ma5 mother noun
61 ma5 question marker auxiliary
62 mai3 to buy verb
63 mao1 cat noun
64 mei2 not adverb
没关系 65 mei2guan1xi5 it doesn't matter verb
米饭 66 mi3fan4 rice noun
名字 67 ming2zi5 name noun
明天 68 ming3tian1 tomorrow noun
哪儿 69 na3r where pronoun
70 na4 that pronoun
71 ne5 (suggestion) auxiliary
72 neng2 to be able to verb
73 ni3 you, you pronoun
你们 74 ni3men5 you, you pronoun
75 nian2 year noun
女儿 76 nv3er2 daughter noun
朋友 77 peng2you5 friend noun
苹果 78 ping2guo3 apple noun
79 qi1 seven numeral
80 qian2 money noun
前面 81 qian2mian4 front noun
82 qing3 please verb
83 qu4 to go verb
84 re4 hot adjective
85 ren2 people noun
认识 86 ren4shi5 to know verb
87 ri4 day noun
88 san1 three numeral
商店 89 shang1dian4 shop noun
90 shang4 above noun
上午 91 shang4wu3 morning noun
92 shao3 few, little adjective
什么 93 shen2me5 what pronoun
94 shi2 ten numeral
时候 95 shi2hou4 time, when noun
96 shi4 to be verb
97 shu1 book noun
98 shui2 who pronoun
99 shui3 water noun
水果 100 shui3guo3 fruit noun
睡覺 101 shui4jiao4 to sleep verb
说话 102 shuo1hua4 to say verb
103 si4 four numeral
104 ta1 he, him pronoun
105 ta1 she, her pronoun
他们 106 ta1men5 they, them pronoun
她们 107 ta1men5 they, them pronoun
108 tai4 too adverb
天气 109 tian1qi4 weather noun
110 ting1 to listen verb
同学 111 tong2xue2 classmate noun
112 wo3 I, me pronoun
我们 113 wo3men5 we, us pronoun
114 wu3 five numeral
喜欢 115 xi3huan5 to like verb
116 xia4 below noun
下午 117 xia4wu3 afternoon noun
下雨 118 xia4yu3 to rain verb
先生 119 xian1sheng5 mister noun
现在 120 xian4zai4 now noun
121 xiang3 to think verb
122 xiao3 small adjective
小姐 123 xiao3jie3 miss noun
124 xie1 a few measure word
125 xie3 to write verb
谢谢 126 xie4xie5 thanks verb
星期 127 xing1qi1 week noun
学生 128 xue2sheng1 student noun
学习 129 xue2xi2 to study verb
学校 130 xue2xiao4 school noun
131 yi1 one numeral
衣服 132 yi1fu5 clothing noun
医生 133 yi1sheng1 doctor noun
医院 134 yi1yuan4 hospital noun
椅子 135 yi3zi5 chair noun
136 you3 to have verb
137 yue4 month noun
138 zai4 at preposition
再见 139 zai4jian4 good-bye verb
怎么 140 zen3me5 how pronoun
怎么样 141 zen3me5yang4 how about pronoun
142 zhe4 this pronoun
中国 143 Zhong1guo2 China noun
中午 144 zhong1wu3 noon noun
145 zhu4 to live verb
桌子 146 zhuo1zi5 table noun
147 zi4 Chinese character noun
昨天 148 zuo2tian1 yesterday noun
149 zuo4 to do verb
150 zuo4 to sit verb
Created by: Smadrie
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