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210 Ch. 35

GI- Oral/Esophageal Disorders

If pt cannot brush teeth what is next best way to clean wipe with gauze than swish with antiseptic solution
Oral care is directly related to what other part of body cardiac health. The less teeth, the more problems, so promote health
Acyclovir would be helpful for what mouth disorder herpes simplex (cold sore)
what is leukoplakia of the mouth white patches in buccal mucosa, may be malignant from tobacco
what is good nsg mgmt for canker sores saline rinses, soft/bland diet, corticosteroids
what is a periapical abscess abscessed tooth, pus collected in dental periosteum
what is malocclusion? crooked teeth
What are the four salivary glands and their fx parotid(below ear), submandibular, sublingual(floor of mouth), buccal(beneath lips) fx: lubricate/protect from bacteria/digestion
Mumps is inflammation of what salivary glands parotid
Radial arteries are often used in neck dissection leaving the ulnar aa...how do you test patency of ulnar aa pt forms fist, manually compress ulnar aa, release fist, palm pale, release aa, should flush in 3-5sec
what is xerostomia dry mouth
what is first priority after surgery of radical neck dissection airway, breathing and assess for stridor(coarse, high pitched sound on inspiration) listening over trachea
What are the two sphincters in the esophagus? hypopharyngeal sphincter: upper at jx of pharynx adn esophagus LES/cardiac/gastroesophageal: stomach and esophagus
what is achalasia? dysphagia? odynophagia? motility esophagus stops lower 2/3, food gets stuck difficulty swallowing acute pain on swallowing
What is a hiatal hernia? opening in diaphragm thru esophagus passes gets enlarged and part of stomach moves up into lower thorax
what are two types of hiatal hernias sliding: stomach jx are displaced upward and slide in/out thorax rolling: pushes through diaphragm
Nsg mgmt for hiatal hernias small freq feedings, sit up 1 hr after eating to avoid reflux, elevate head
What are risk factors for hiatal hernias? obesity, preg, ascites
what meds used for hiatal hernias proton pump inhibitors
what is eurctate? belching
What are nsg priorities for chest pain mgmnt Check heart, lungs, all other
How does Tagamet affect other meds eliminates first pass effect of Coumadin and Dilantin and cause over medication
What is first pass effect the metabolism of orally administered drugs by gastrointestinal and hepatic enzymes, resulting in a significant reduction of the amount of unmetabolized drug reaching the systemic circulation.
With GERD, what is water brash salty acids that come from stomach up to throat
How can Metoclopramide(Reglan) help with GERD? Helps push food out of stomach, but assess for tongue tremors, extrapyramida SE
What surgical mgmts for GERD is effective? Nissen fundoplication: wrapping portion of gastric fundus aroudn sphincter are of esophagus. Stretta Procedure: stretch LES
what complication is assessed for in esophageal surgery aspiration pneumonia
What is vagotomy syndrome? dumping syndrome caused by Boost/Ensure
Which test would best be prepared for diverticulosis Test: barium enema
What is diverticulis? outpouching of mucosa/sub thru muscle Mostly in colon, left lower
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