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Types of Bones


What consists of Skeletal System? bones, cartilage, joints
How many bones make up the skeletal system? 206
What are the three functions of skeletal system? protection, support and movement
What is the formation of blood? hematopoeisis
What are the types of bones? long, short, flat, irregular and sesamoid bones
What is the extended longitudinal axis? long bones
Length is greater than width? long bones
What composes diaphysis? compact bones
What composes epiphysis? spongy bones
It is the site of blood cell formation? long bones
What are the examples of long bones humerus, ulna, radius, metacarpals, metatarsals, femur, fibula, phalanges, tibia
what is the shaft main portion? diaphysis
it is located at both ends of long bone epiphysis
provides strong support diaphysis
point for muscle attachment epiphysis
it is present in mature bones? metaphysis
region of groth in growing bones and connects epiphysis to diaphysis? epiphyseal plate
covers joint surface of epiphysis? articular cartilage
sheath of dense irregular tissue that is for muscle attachment and blood supply? periosteum
tube-like hollow space in diaphysis medullar cavity
it is a thin epithelial membrane that lines marrow cavity endosteum
it is a box-shaped structure short bones
length is equal with width? short bones
example of short bones? carpals and tarsal
it is broad and thin with flattened, curved surface? flat bones
composed of spongy bone tissue sandwiched between 2 parallel plates of compact bones? flat bones
what is the layer of spongy tissue called? diploe
examples of flat bones? scapula, ribs, sternum, cranial bones
varying in dimensions and shapes and often in clusters irregular bones
example of irregular bones? facial and cranial bones
unique irregular bones that appear singly? sesamoid
it is found in tendons and close to the joint sesamoid
function of sesamoid? protection from wear and tear of tendon
example of sesamoid patella