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Peds 2 Infancy to Ad

Infancy to Adolescence

What meds and interventions are used in the tx of cerebral palsy to alleviate contractures and improve f'n? Non-pharm: PT, bracing, surgery. Pharm: dantrolene, baclofen, botox, benzos.
A 15yo preg girl requires hospitalizatoin for preeclampsia. Should her parents be informed? No. Parental consent is not necessary in tx preg minors.
What is the tx for mastitis in a pt that is breastfeeding? PO abx (dicloxacillin) and contin breastfeeding
How many calories are present in an ounce of breast milk? How many calories are present in an ounce of formula? both have 20kcal/ounce
What are the caloric needs for an infant younger than 6mos? 100-120kcal/kg/d
What work-up should be performed on a newborn with a single umbilical a? Renal US (can have significant renal asymptomatic anomalies)
What are the MC problems that arise in preemie infants? RDS, hypoglycemia, persistent PDA, infections/sepsis, retinopathy of prematurity, intraventricular hemorrhage, and NEC
What is the difference btwn caput succedaneum and cephalohematoma? Caput crosses the midline. Cephalohematoma doesn't. Remember that "caput" has a hard "c" sound like "cross" does.
What is the next step in mgmt of a newborn female with bloody vaginal d/c in the first week of life? normal (caused by progesterone withdrawal after leaving mom's body)
Permament vascular malformations most commonly occurring on the nape of the neck, but also upper eyelids and middle of forehead. Macular stains (stork bites). Benign but persist thru-out life.
What medication can be used to treat thrush in an infant? Nystatin oral suspension. Make sure it is thrush and not milk by trying to swab the mouth; thrush will not come off.
By what age should 96% of children have closed anterior fontanelles? 24mos
What is the ddx for pathologically opened anterior fontanelles? Down syndrome, achondroplasia, Ricket's, congenital hypothyroidism, and increased intracranial pressure
Soft occipital bone like a ping pong ball in a 3-12mo old child is called _______ and is highly suspicious for ______. Craniotabes. Rickets.
What happens to skin turgor in moderate dehydration? Severe? Moderate: tenting. Severe: no skin turgor.
What happens to the fontanelle in mild dehydration? Moderate? Severe? Mild: flat. Moderate: soft. Severe: sunken.
What is the capillary refill in mild dehyration? Moderate? Severe? Mild: <2s. Mod: 2s. Severe: >3s.
What is the tx for roseola infantum? Nothing but antipyretics.
A 2yo baby boy presents with 2-3mm yellow pustules with red bases. What are these likely to be and what is the px? Erythema toxicum nenonatum. Self-resolves in 3 weeks. Benign. Expect to see eosinophilia (E for E tox and Eosinophils)
Why is it important to document Mongolian spots? To prevent untrue allegations of abuse.
What mnemonic can you use for the questions you should ask during an annual adolescent exam? What does it stand for? HEADSSS: Home environment, Employment/Education, Activities, Drugs, Sex, Suicide, Safety
What interventions have been shown to reduce the incidence of SIDS? Back sleeping on firm mattress, keeping infant cool, use of pacifier, no toys or pillows in crib, no smoking
What is the number 1 killer of adolescents and why? Accidents b/c of increased risk taking behavior
What newborn skin finding matches the following descriptions?: 2-3mm yellow pustule with red base (similar to white head) arising in first 24-72h, micro exam of the pustular contents reveals numerous eosinophils, resolves in 3 weeks. E tox (don't need bx to dx)
What newborn skin finding matches the following descriptions?: spider-webbing, marbling of skin cutis marmata
What newborn skin finding matches the following descriptions?: intense reddening of gravity dependent side and blanching of the nondependent side with a line of demarcation between the two, lasts a few sec-min Harlequin color change
What newborn skin finding matches the following descriptions?: due to accumulation of seat beneath eccrine sweat ducts that are obstructed by keratin at the stratum corneum milia
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