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OB 7 (Complications)


What are the diagnostic criteria (Jones criteria) for rheumatic fever? need 2 major or 1 major and 2 minor. J=joints, mirgratory polyarthritis, O=pancarditis, N=SubQ nodules, E=erythema marginatum, S=Syndenhem chorea
WHat therapies are used in treating PCOS? weight loss, OCPs, spironolactone, metformin, clomid
Uterine bleeding at 18 weeks gestation + no products expelled + cervical os closed. What is the diagnosis? threatened abortion (viable fetus), missed abortion (non-viable fetus)
At what gestational age is labor managed actively instead of expectabtly in preterm labor? 34 weeks
What are the risk factors for placenta previa? multiparity, increased maternal age, propr placental previa, multiple gestation, uterine fibroids, history of abortion, smoking
What is the management of a woman in labor who has complete placenta previa? immediate c/s. Do not perform manual or speculum exam.
What are the risk factors for placental abruption? HTN, Prior placental abruption, trauma, tobacco use, cocaine use, PROM, multiple gestations, multiparity
What is typically included in an infertility work-up? serum analysis, evaluation of anovulatory cycles, HSG.
Compare the treatment of preterm labor at 33 and 3/7 weeks to the treatment at 34 and 3/7 weeks gestational age? <34 weeks you do expectant management, corticosteroids, prophy abx, deliver after fetal lung maturity, bed rest, tocolysis for 48 hours. >34 weeks you do active management, GBS prophy
What drugs are used for tocolysis? Nifedipine, terbutaline, ritodrine, MgSO4, indomethacin
What drug is the only FDA approved tocolytic? Ritodrine(but no longer used in the US)
What are the si/sx of magnesium tox? What is the reveral agent? loss of DTS, respiratory depression and paralysis, arrhythmias, cardiac arrest. Reverse with calcium gluconate
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