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Hepatic PCC obj 1

Hepatic Objective 1 at PCC in NUR204

What are the 3 moajor function of the Liver? Metabolize, Protect, Storage
What things are metabolized in the Liver?(6) Glucose metabolism, Ammonia conversion, Protein metabolism, Fat metabolism, Bile Formation, Medication metabolism
the Liver converts glucose into ______ for storage in the liver, then glycogen into ______ as needed to regulate blood sugar Glycogen; glucose
What is the metabolized for energy? 1st breakdown carbs, 2nd protein, 3rd fats
What is glucogenesis? Liver uses amino acids (protein breakdown) or lactate (exercising muscles)
What does the ammonia conversion do? Liver converts ammonia into urea, which is excreted in the urine
Ammonia is toxic to what organ? the brain!
Protein Metabolism does ? Synthesizes most of the plasma protiens (except gamma globulin) using ammino acids
_____ is required for synthesis of prothrombin & fibrinogen. Vitamin K
Fat metabolism: breaks down fatty acids for production of? energy & ketone bodies
______ are a source of energy for muscles but usually only when glucose is limited ketones
Fatty acids are also used for synthesis of? cholesterol, licithin, lipo proteins, & other complex lipids
____ _____ is collected & stored in gallbladder? Bile formation
bile is released in _______ ______ when needed for digestion small intestine
Medication metabolism involves? conjugation with other compounds in prep for excretion thru feces or urine
Liver stores what things? Vitamin & mineral storage, stores & filters blood, bilirubin excretion
Bilirubin is derived from ? breakdown of hemoglobin
What aids in protection? Kupffer Cells = removes bacteria in portal venous blood.
Alterations in liver function that result in liver disease? Cell damage, mostly chronic, affects twice as many men as women, and is more common in asian & african countries
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