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Peds 1 Development


What is the next step in the evaluation of penetrating injuries to different zones of the neck? Zone 1 (clavicle to cric cart): 4 vessel CT angio + triple endoscopy. Zone 2 (cric cart to angle of mandible): surgical exploration. Zone 3 (angle of mandible to base of skull): 4 vessel CT angio
What are the cardinal movements of labor? Engagement, Descent, flexion, internal rotation, extension, external rotation, expulsion
An IV drug user has JVD and a holosyst murmur at the L sternal border. What is the dx? What is the tx? Dx: tricuspid regurg 2/2 staph epidermidis. Tx with empiric vanc. Also tx heart failure and eventually replace the valve.
When do children first exhibit stranger anxiety? 6-9mos
How would you expect weight to increase in teh first 2 years of life? Double by 4mos, triple by 12mos, and quadruple by 24mos
When can children begin to eat solid foods? 4-6mo
What is the first solid foot parents should give their child? Iron-fortified cereal
How many total doses of DTap vaccine should a 6yo have received? 5
At what age is the meningococcal vaccine indicated? After 11yo
When can a child swithch to a front-facing car seat? >2yo and grown out of rear-facing
When can a child swithch to a booster seat? Until seat belt fits correctly, usually 4'9' tall or 8-12yo. Should be sitting in back seat
At what age can you sit in the front seat 13yo +
Why should cow's milk not be given before 1 year of age? Can cause allergy, GI bleed, Fe deficiency anemia, and IQ loss
What is the expected height and weight gain for a pt from 2yo to adolescence? 2" and 5lbs a year
At what age does a child develop separation anxiety? 9-15mos
At what age can a baby use a pincer grasp and make a tower of 2 blocks? 12mos
At what age can a child draw a circle and make a tower of 9 blocks? 3yo
At what age can a child hop on 1 foot? 4yo
At what age can a child skip and distinguish fantasy from reality? 6yo
At what age can a baby lift their head 45 degrees and follow an object to the midline with their eyes? 2mos
At what age can a baby make a tower of 4 blocks, make 2 word sentences, and engage in parallel play? 18mos
At what age can a child draw a line image like a cross? 4yo
At what age can a child lift head 90 degrees and follow objects past the midline? 4mos
Which comes first? Babbling or cooing? Cooing is first at 2mos. Babbling comes later at 6mos.
At what age can a child speak 3 word sentences? 2yo
The absence or persistence of infantile reflexes beyond _______ may suggest CNS pathology. 6mos
How many Hib vaccines should a child receive? 4
How many pneumococcal vaccines should a child receive? 4
Which vaccine is given shortly after birth? Hep B (receive 3 total)
What vaccines are given at 2mos? Hep B #2, Rota, DTap, Hib, PCV, IPV
What vaccines are given at 4mos? Rota #2, DTap #2, Hib #2, PCV #2, PIV #2
What vaccines are given at 6mos? Rota #3, DTap #3, Hib #3, and PCV
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