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OB 5 OB Complic I

Obstetric Complications Part I

What are the causes of fever in the post-op period? Wind (atelectasis, pneumonia), water (UTI), wound (infxn), walking (DVT), Vein (thrombophlebitis), and wonder drugs
What med is given for seizure prophy in severe preeclampsia? IV mag sulfate
What is the MCC of bloody nipple discharge? Intraductal papilloma
What are some risk factors for ectopic pregnancy? PID, STDs (salpingitis), prior h/o ectopics, smoking, multiple partners, prior gyne surgery
Once the beta hCG has reached what level should an US be able to detect intrauterine pregnancy? >1500 on transvag. >6500 on transabdominal.
When is it appropriate to tx an ectopic pregnancy medically vs surgically? Medically is ok in a hemodynamically stable pt who is reliable for f/u. Also must have b-hCG <5000, tubal <3cm, no fetal cardaic activity on US, and no contraindications to MTX (e.g., renal failure)
Identify which abortion has taken place: IUP on sono + vag bleeding prior to 20 weeks + closed internal cervical os threatened AB
Identify which abortion has taken place: non-viable IUP on sono + open cervical os + no tissue present inevitable spontaneous AB
Identify which abortion has taken place: nonviable IUP (fetal demise) that has not passed (lack of uterine activity) missed AB
Identify which abortion has taken place: open cervical os + tissue at or beyond cervical os. Some, but not all, of the POC have passed incomplete AB
Identify which abortion has taken place: all POC have been passed complete spontaneous abortion
What is the most common cause of spontaneous abortion? fetal chromosomal abnormalities
What is the presentation and managment of inevitable abortion? Preg in initial 20 weeks, pain, open cervical os, no expelled uterine contents, possible detection of fetus on US, . Tx with misoprostol, D+C, or expectant management
Up to what gestational age can a dilation and evacuation be used in the mgmt of intrauterine fetal demise? After this time? 24 weeks. After that, induction of labor.
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