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OB 4 Other Preg Comp

Other Pregnancy Complications

What is the definitive cure for preeclampsia? Deliver that little sucker!
What is the tx for macular degeneration? Antioxidants like Vit C and E, beta carotene, copper, and zinc
What is the tx for retinal detachment? Laser photocoagulation or cryotherapy
What are the characteristic findings in tertiary syphilis? Argyll-Robertson, tabes dorsalis, neurosyphilis, ataxia, + Romberg's sign, gummas (granulomatous lesions), aortitis, aneurysm of aortic root, aortic regurgitation
Rash followed by desquamation of hands and feet is characteristic of which congenital infxn? Syphilis
Blueberry muffin rash, sensorineural deafness, and cataracts are associated with which illness? Congenital rubella
Which cardiac malformations are a/w congenital rubella? PDA, pulmonary a stenosis, and tetralogy of Fallot
Pt with normal hearing test at birth who develops L sided deafness several years later. Dx? CMV (unilateral deafness)
What congential defects are a/w maternal zoster reactivation? Nothing
When should women be screened for GBS? At 35-36wks
What abx can be used for intrapartum GBS prophy? Peniciliin or ampicillin
What abx can be used for intrapartum GBS prophy in a woman who is PNC allergic? Cefazolin. Can also use vanc, clinda, or erythromycin.
What are the 4 major indications for GBS prophylaxis? 1. GBS in last 4 wks on vaginal or rectal cx. 2. GBS bacteruria. 3. H/o early onset GBS in past pregnancy. 4. Evidence of infection
What congenital infxn is a leading cause of preventable blindness? Chlamydial conjunctivitis
Which congenital infxn is a/w the following defect?: initially asymptomatic but later develops a unilateral hearing loss CMV
Which congenital infxn is a/w the following defect?: hydrocephalus, intracranial calcifications, chorioretinitis Classically toxoplasmosis (but also CMV)
Which congenital infxn is a/w the following defect?: rash, deafness, cataracts Rubella
Which congenital infxn is a/w the following defect?: hearing loss, chorioretinitis, intracranial calcifications Toxo
Which congenital infxn is a/w the following defect?: PDA or pulmonary artery stenosis Rubella
Which congenital infxn is a/w the following defect?: anemia, blood-tinged nasal secretions, hepatosplenomegaly Syphilis
Which congenital infxn is a/w the following defect?: temporal lobe encephalitis HSV
What is the tx for metastatic choriocarcinoma? Hysterectomy and MTX. If preg desired, can hold off on hysterectomy and give chemo to see if that will eradicate dz
What does the TORCHS acronym stand for? Toxo, Other, Rubella, CMV, HSV (Hep, HIV), Syphilis
A 19yo G2P1 presents at 9wk gestation. She is vomiting all day every day, and has lost 7% of her body weight. On US, no gestational sac is found, but rather, there is a snowstorm appearance to the uterine contents. What is the mgmt of this pt? D+C. Follow beta-hCG for 1yr. Avoid preg during that time.
Pt with untx molar preg presents to clinic 8mos later c/o vag bleeding and hemoptysis. Her uterus is enlarged, but on US, there is no gest sac. There is a uterine mass w/a mix of hemorrhageic and necrotic areas w/parametrial invasion. What is her px? Good with a hysterectomy and chemo
What two measures are important in preventing vertical transmission of HIV? HAART + preventing labor with C section. Also give zidovudine during labor and give to baby x6wks postpartum.
What advice should you give a mother with HIV abt breastfeeding her infant? Don't do it motha fricka! The only time it's ok is if they live in a region where the water is unsafe to drink so there is no good alternative to breast milk.
Created by: sarah3148