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OB 2 Med Complic I

Medical Complications Part I

What is the ddx for the dislocation of the lens of the eye? 1. Marfan's, 2. homocysteinuria, 3. Alport syndrome
What type of infection causes honey-crusted lesions usually around the nose or mouth? Impetigo (caused by staph aureus or strep pyogenes)
A woman presents with breast tenderness, erythema, and orange peeling. Abx for cellulitis fail to improve her sx. What do you suspect and what is the next step if this is the case? Inflammatory breast CA. Dx with mammogram (to guide bx).
A pregnant woman at 24 weeks' gestation has a random glucose of 130. What is the next step in her mgmt? Oral glucose tolerance test
What is the drug of choice for gestational diabetes? What other drugs are safe for use in pregnancy for gestational diabetes? Insulin is drug of choice. Also glyburide or metformin can be safely used.
What fetal cardiac defect is most a/w pre-pregnancy DM? Transposition of the great vessels
A 30yo woman with HTN is currently on an ACE-i but has just discovered she is preg. Knowing that ACE-i are teratogens, what med should you switch her to? Hydralazine, Methyldopa, Labetalol (BB), or Nifedipine (CCB). (Hypertensive Mothers Love Nifedipine)
What dx would you suspect with HTN in pregnancy prior to 20 weeks gestational age? Chrnoic pre-existent HTN or molar pre
What is the difference btwn preeclampsia and gestational HTN? Pre-eclamp has proteinuria while gest HTN does not.
For how long is Mg sulfate continued after delivery in preeclampsia? In eclampsia? Pre: 24h. Eclamp: 48h.
What are the features of HELLP syndrome? Hemolysis, Elevated Liver enzymes, and Low Platelets
When and why is vitamin K given to pregnant women taking anticonvulsants? During last month of preg to prevent post-partum hemorrhage 2/2 decreased production of clotting factors from anticonvulsants.
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