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Gyne 6 Gyn Neoplasms

Gynecologic Neoplasms

What is the antidote to each of the following toxins?: anticholinesterases, organophosphates atropine, pralidoxine
What is the antidote to each of the following toxins?: mercury dimercaprol, succimer
What is the antidote to each of the following toxins?: carbon monoxide 100% O2 and hyperbaric O2
What is the antidote to each of the following toxins?: heparin protamine sulfate
What is the antidote to each of the following toxins?: isoniazid pyridoxine (B6)
What is the lab w/u for AUB? beta hCG, pap smear, wet prep, CBC, coag studies, TSH, +/- endometrial bx
A pt presents with a painless, pruritic papule with regional lymphadenopathy that evolves over 7-10d into a necrotic ulcer with a black eschar. What is the dx and tx? Cutaneous anthrax, penicillin V, penicillin G, ampicillin, and doxycycline
What is the most important staging facotr in the prognosis of endometrial CA? The grade (more important than depth)
When should cervical cancer screening begin? Age 21
When can you stop screening for cervical cancer? Age 65-70 with serial normal paps. If they had a hysterectomy for benign reasons, paps may be discontinued indefinitely.
What is the general tx strategy for SCC of the vagina? Radiation. If less than 2cm, may be able to do surgical excision
What are the indications for an endometrial bx? Abnormal uterine bleeding, menometrorrhagia or post menopausal bleeding in a woman >35, post-menopausal bleeding. If <35yo, menometrorrhagia + signif risk factors for cancer.
What is the next step in the mgmt of a CIN 2 cervical lesion identified on bx in a woman who has completed fertility? LEEP or conization or laser ablation
What is the next step in the mgmt of an ASCUS Pap smear with a negative HPV test? A positive HPV test? Neg HPV: repeat pap in 3-6mos Pos HPV: colpo
What is the next step in mgmt of an AGUS pap smear? Colpo with endocerv curretage. Endometrial bx if ?35yo or risk factors for CA.
What is the tx for a lesion found to be HSIL on bx? LEEP or cone or laser ablation
What are the sx of ovarian cancer? Early: asymptomatic. Late: abdominal pain, wt loss, ascites, palpable mass, fatiuge, changes in menstrual and bowel habits
What are the risk factors for endometrial cancer? Unopposed E stimulation, early menarche, late menopause, PCOS, obesity, nulliparity, tumor, exogenous E, DM, HTN, age, high fat diet, and colon CA
What are the risk factors for ovarian CA? frequent ovulation, nulliparity, BRCA mutations, family hx
What serum marker may be elevated in cases of endometrial CA? CA-125
What serum marker may be elevated in cases of ovarian CA? CA-125
What US findings are consistent with benign ovarian tumors? WIth malignant ovarian tumors? Benign: Cystic, smooth edges, few septa. Malignant: irregularity, nodulatiry, septa, pelvic extension.
What type of ovarian tumor is a/w psammoma bodies? serous cystadenocarcinoma
What type of ovarian tumor is a/w estrogen excess? granulosa-theca cell tumor
What type of ovarian tumor is a/w androgen secretions? sertoli-leydig cell tumor
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