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Gyne 2 Menopause


What name is given to stress-related hair loss? What is the tx? Telogen effluvium. Just give reassurance; problem is self-ltd
What are the classic features that distinguish orbital cellulitis from periorbital cellulitis? Orbital cellulitis is more severe and has proptosis, pain with eye movement, ophthalmoplegia, and double or decreased vision
Which joints in the hand are affected in RA? MCP and PIP (DIP is spared: RADS= RA Spares Dip)
What is required for a dx of menopause? 1 yr amenorrhea in a woman >40yo.
Premature menopause is defined as meonopause before what age? 40yo
At what age can 1 year of amenorrhea be considered menopause without any furhter workup for other etiologies (TSH, serum hCG, prolactin, FSH)? 45yo +
As periods become less frequent during menopause, what hormonal changes are occurring? Fluctuating E levels, incr FSH and LH (b/c the ovaries have a decr response to these hormones)
Name 3 pros of hormone (H) replacement therapy. 1. Symtom relief, 2. Reduced risk of osteoporosis, 3. Reduced risk of colon CA
The risk of which type of breast cancer is doubled by taking H replacement therapy? Invasive breast cancer. It also increases risk of endometrial CA.
What are the SE of estrogen? Wt gain, HA, n/v, breast tenderness
What are the SE of progesterone? Acne, depression, HTN
What are the non-H options for the tx of menopausal hot flashes? SNRIs (venlafaxine, desvenlafaxine), gabapentin, clonidine, time, OTC (black cohash)
In what pt population is topical estrogen use contraindicated? Any woman with a history of breast cancer. This is a BIG no no!
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