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Gyn 5 (Infections)


When can lactational amenorrhea be relied upon as an effective method of contraception?
What is the tx for acute angle-glaucoma? acetazolamide, mannitol, b-blockers, alpha-adrenergic agents, prostaglandings, cholinergic agonists
What rash is classically described as "dew drops on rose petals?" primary varicella (chicken pox)
What is the diagnostic feature of PID? Treat empirically if abdominal pain + 1 of the following: CMT, leukocytosis on CBC, new/unusual purulent cervical or vaginal d/c, WBCs on wet prep of vaginal secretions, temp >101F, increased ESR/CRP
_________should no longer be used to treat N/gonorrhoeae due to resistance. Fluorquinolones
What are the distinguishing features of BV? Clue cells and high pH(alkaline pH)
What are the distinguishing features of trichomonas infection? motile trichomonads and high pH, strawberry cervix w/ cervical petechiae
What is the treatment for gonorrhea? ceftriaxone
What is the treatment for chlamydia? doxy, azithromycin
What are the distinguishing features of candida vaginitis? cottage cheese d/c, pseudohyphae on KOH prep, normal vaginal pH (acidic)
What are the complications of PID? infertility ,adhesion formation, chronic pelvic pain, tubo-ovarian abscess, increased risk of ectopic pregnancy
Patient complains that if "feels like I'm sitting on an egg". There is pelvic pressure/heaviness. What is this? pelvic prolapse.
Prolapse of bladder into vagina is called ______. cystocele
Prolapse of rectum into vagina is called ______. rectocele
Prolapse of small bowel into vagina is called ______. enterocele
What is the treatment for mild pelvic prolapse? pelvic floor exercises and/or physical therapy with behavior modification (timed voiding)
What is the treatment for moderate pelvic prolapse? pessary
What is the treatment for severe pelvic prolapse? surgical correction
Which STD can be mistaken for IBD due to its association with fistula formation? lymphogranuloma venereum
A sexually active woman presents with the classic sx of cystitis. Gram stain of the urine shows no organisms. What organism do you suspect is the cause of the pts sx? chlamydia trachomatis
What is the presentation of primary syphilis? solitary chancre 3 weeks after exposure
What is the presentation of secondary syphilis? HA, malaise, fever, maculopapular rash of the palms/soles, lymphadenopathy lasting up to 12 weeks.
What is the presentation of latent syphilis? asymptomatic
What is the presentation of tertiary syphilis? gummas, loss of 2 point discrimination and proprioception(tabes dorsalis), proprioceptive ataxia, + rhomberg, argyll robertson pupil
What medications can be used inthe tx of syphilis? pen G, doxycycline or tetracycline
How is the dx of DIP disease made? abdominal/pelvic exam without other obvious pathology, CMT/adnexal tenderness, vaginal/cervical discharge, WBCs on wet prep of vaginal secretions, leukocytosis, fever, increased ESR/CRP
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