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Zoology Ch. 7

Vocabulary for Zoology Ch. 7

Attributes of species that are old and have been retained from a common ancestor Ancestral Characters
Actively moving organisms that have definite anterior and posterior ends Bilateral Symmetry
a subset of organisms in a phylogenetic group that share a certain synapomorphy Clade
Using cladograms to show relationships in evolution Cladistics
Diagram depicting the evolutionary history of taxa Cladogram
A level of classification between phylum and order Class
A fluid filled body cavity lined by mesoderm Coelom
Character that has arisen since common ancestry with an outgroup Derived Characters
A sub-kingdom level of classification that includes bilateral animals in which anus form from the blastopore Deuterostomia
The broadest taxonomic grouping Domain
A sub-kingdom level of classification that includes animals like arthropods and nematodes Ecdysozoa
The slowness of change in a characteristic of an animal over time Evolutionary Conservation
The study of the classification of and evolutionary relationship among animals Evolutionary Systematics
The level of classification between order and genus Family
The level of classification between species and family Genus
The level of classification above phylum Kingdom
A sub-kingdom level of classification that includes animals like annelids and molluscs Lophotrochozoa
A group of organisms descended from a single ancestor Monophyletic Group
The study of naming of organisms in the fashion that reflects their evolutionary relationships Nomenclature
The level of classification between class and family Order
The level of classification between Kingdom and Class Phylum
A form of symmetry in which any plane passing through the oralaboral axis divides AN organism in to mirror images Radial Symmetry
A group of similar organisms that can interbreed. Species
The study of the kinds and diversity of organisms and of the evolutionary relationships amoung them. Systematics
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